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Nazi Government: Propaganda PowerPoint Presentation
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Nazi Government: Propaganda

Nazi Government: Propaganda

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Nazi Government: Propaganda

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  1. Nazi Government: Propaganda Lesson starter: The Nazi government only wanted people in Germany to have certain information. Make two lists; Things the Nazis wanted to keep secret from the people Things they wanted to publicise (wanted everyone to know about)

  2. Today we will… • Explain how the Nazis used propaganda to stay in power

  3. I can… • Complete a mind map showing how propaganda helped the Nazis

  4. Nazi Government:Propaganda The Nazis controlled (censored) all information in Germany to convince people they were a good government. Propaganda was used to make people dislike certain groups such as Jews. It was also used to make people like the Nazis more and help keep them in power.

  5. In Nazi Germany it was almost impossible to hear any anti-Nazi views • Hitler knew propaganda was very important • He said “the intelligence of the masses is small. They must be told the same thing a thousand times”

  6. Nazi Propaganda

  7. Task: Watch the video and try to get as many points on how the Nazis used propaganda whilst in power •

  8. Dr Josef Goebbels • Now he had helped the Nazis into power his job was to convince people they liked living in Nazi Germany • ‘Minister for Public Enlightenment’ • He also censored anything anti-Nazi

  9. The Radio was the most important form of communication at the time • The Nazis produced cheap radios so that 70% of German homes had one • These radios could only receive Nazi stations • They were also in workplaces and on street corners • All work was to stop when the Fuhrer spoke on the radio

  10. The Nazis also controlled all newspapers, all cinemas and every other source of information • This meant that most Germans only read good things about the Nazis • For example – the Nazis had done so well in reducing unemployment

  11. 1936 Berlin Olympic Games • All anti-Semitic propaganda was removed temporarily • Anti Semitic laws were relaxed • All Roma people (gypsies) were arrested and sent to a camp • The new Olympic stadium held 100,000 spectators • The Nazis used it as an opportunity to show how fantastic Germany was to live in

  12. Nuremberg Rallies • These had been held annually since 1923 but became huge propaganda events once the Nazis were in power • By the 1930s ½ a million people attended • Sport and military displays • Mock battles • Torch parades at night

  13. Nuremberg Rallies • People were dazzled by the sheer strength of the Nazis • Foreign visitors were perhaps intimidated by how strong the Nazis had become • Hitler’s speeches had the crowd in an emotional frenzy