introduction to leg spin bowling l.
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Introduction to Leg Spin Bowling PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Leg Spin Bowling

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Introduction to Leg Spin Bowling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Leg Spin Bowling Leg Spin bowling Is one of the most exciting arts in cricket.It is also one of the most difficult to master and the least understood by both players and coaches alike.

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Introduction to Leg Spin Bowling

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introduction to leg spin bowling
Introduction to Leg Spin Bowling





leg spin bowling
Leg Spin Bowling


1.What is leg spin

2. The Grip


3.Building the action


4.The approach

16.Common faults and Correction

5.The gather

6.The back foot landing

End Program

7.The delivery stride

8. The front foot landing

9. The Release

10. The follow-through

11. The complete action


the gather
The Gather

Both arms should be about head height and slightly forward.

Lead with your head

This will ensure that the body weight is beginning to move forward

The trunk is starting to to turn side on.

The wrist of the bowling hand is cocked

back foot landing
Back Foot Landing

The back foot lands parallel to the bowling crease.

The hips and shoulders are aligned towards the target

The non bowling arm is pushing out towards the target with the palm of the hand facing the target

The front knee is pushing forward with the heel of the front foot pointing in the direction of mid off

The wrist of the bowling hand is cocked

the delivery stride
The Delivery Stride
  • Alongishdeliverystrideistowardsthetarget.
  • Thepowerfulfrontarmcontinuespushingouttowardsthetargetwiththepalmofthehandfacingthetarget.
  • Theshouldersbegintorotatetowardsthetarget
  • Thewristofthebowlinghandremainscocked.