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Scarborough. Brought to you by the SSDR Leadership Team. Sports Done Right. Agenda Leadership Team composition Overview of the SDR Initiative Leadership Team outputs Next Steps Questions and Answers. Sports Done Right. Thank you for your dedication to our SDR efforts.

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    1. Scarborough Brought to you by the SSDR Leadership Team

    2. Sports Done Right Agenda • Leadership Team composition • Overview of the SDR Initiative • Leadership Team outputs • Next Steps • Questions and Answers

    3. Sports Done Right Thank you for your dedication to our SDR efforts Scarborough Leadership Team • Student Rep Jennifer Colpitts • Student Rep Danny Clark • Student Rep Jim Hiltner • Parent Rep Penny Salevsky • Parent Rep Brian Van Dam • Parent Rep Dennis Leighton • Parent Rep Denise Clavette • Booster Rep Dean Ford • Coach Tom Griffin • Coach Jody King • MS Athletic Liaison Dave Currier • Athletic Administrator Gary Groves • Athletic Administrator Chris Moreau • Community Service Bill Reichl • Community Service Deb Jones • HS Administrator Ray Dunn • Maine Sports Center Jim Stephenson • Maine Sports Center Karen Hawkes • School Board Colleen Staszko • School Board Jane Wiseman • School Board John Cole

    4. Sports Done Right Overview of the SDR Initiative • Maine’s proposal to Congress for funding • Administered by University of Maine’s Center for Sport and Coaching • Focus is to improve student experiences, learning, and personal growth through sports

    5. Sports Done Right The Strategy and Design of the Report • “HighlightingSports Done Right are Core Principles and Core Practices that describe healthy sports programs for young student-athletes. • Further, the report identifies certain practices and behaviors such as Out-of-Bounds, calling for their elimination from the arena of school sports.”

    6. Sports Done Right A Call to Action • Having acknowledged the prominence of sports in our nation, state and community, we need to acknowledge a concern with how we conduct school sports. • Can we serve our student-athletes better? Is there a way to describe healthy school sports? • Is there an urgency to make some corrections?

    7. Sports Done Right What topics does SDR Cover? • Philosophy, Values & Sportsmanship • Sports and Learning • The Quality of Coaching • Opportunity to Play • Health and Fitness • Leadership, Policy and Organization

    8. Sports Done Right Leadership Team Actions • By School Board directive, formed middle of 2007 • Have meet monthly from August 2007 • Solicited input through booster organizations Fall and Winter of 2007-2008 • Leadership team completed self-assessment • Conducted surveys with 485 responses across 16 athletic programs • 377 Student Responses where 38% were MS, 25% sub-varsity, and 37% varsity • 17 Coach Reponses • 91 Parent Reponses • Developing Action Plans that shall be presented to Maine Sports Center and the School Board this Spring • Collecting Evidence for Maine Sports Center visit this Spring • Leadership team minutes and other documents are on the high school website

    9. Sports Done Right Subject area discussed by Leadership Team AN EXAMPLE • Middle-Level Sports • Exploration rather than specialization • Strengthening fundamental skills in a variety of activities • Teamwork and sportsmanship • Health and safety • Continuing opportunities to play

    10. Sports Done Right What does SDR mean to Scarborough? • The Scarborough SDR initiative is a tool for continuous improvement and is intended to be a working document. • Many of the issues raised by the Leadership Team will take time and continuing dialogue to resolve and implement. • The goal of the Leadership Team is to set a working plan to provide context and serve as a reference as the school system and the community move forward implementing the Action Plans.

    11. Sports Done Right Changes on the Horizon • Scarborough will make periodic assessments of our achievement of the Core Principles and Core Practices. • Consider creating a Community Athletic Council

    12. Sports Done Right Next Steps • Adopt SDR Compact and Resolution • When complete review the Leadership Team Action Plans that will include Commendations and Recommendations • Action Plans will be sent to Maine Center for Sports and Coaching (MCSC) for review • This will trigger an onsite visit by MCSC • This will result in a formal written report sent to the Board • Upon MCSC approval, the Board sees that the Action Plans are implemented

    13. Sports Done Right LETS REVIEW • Leadership Team composition • Overview of the SDR Initiative • Leadership Team outputs • Next Steps

    14. Scarborough Questions Answers Discussions