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Psychology Computing Facility

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Psychology Computing Facility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Psychology Computing Facility. 1. FALL 2008. Classroom Presentation Facilities. All classroom and Seminar rooms in SEAY are equipped with AV (audio-visual) presentation systems. Each consists of: 1 or 2 ceiling mounted projection systems

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Psychology Computing Facility


FALL 2008

Classroom Presentation Facilities

  • All classroom and Seminar rooms in SEAY are equipped with AV (audio-visual) presentation systems. Each consists of:
    • 1 or 2 ceiling mounted projection systems
    • Lecturer’s computers - MAC and PC
    • Connections for laptop computers
    • Document camera -- similar to an overhead projector,
    • but capable of books and printed material as well as
    • transparencies.
    • DVD and VHS players

Document Camera

Permanent Installations

(Seating capacity in parentheses)

SEA 1.332 Seminar Classroom (30)

SEA 2.224 Seminar Classroom (25)

SEA 3.250 Seminar Classroom (40)

SEA 4.242 Seminar Classroom (25)

SEA 5.106 Seminar Classroom (22)

SEA 4.244 Auditorium/Library (75+)

(now with live WebCam)

SEA 2.114 Computer Lab - Classroom (27)

SEA 2.122 Computer Lab - Classroom (27)

SEA 2.108 Technology Classroom (40)

SEA 2.116 Computer Lab - Classroom (16)

SEA 3.250 Seminar Classroom (40)

SEA 2.108 Technology Classroom (40)

SEA 2.116 Computer Lab - Classroom (16)


Department Printers & Scanners


Xerox Color Printers

Now you can easily print color overhead transparencies from your office computer.


SEA 1.326

SEA 2.315

SEA 4.202

SEA 5.230

  • Near photo quality - 1200 dpi
  • Solid ink technology --waterproof, smear-resistant wax-based
  • High-speed - 14 prints per minute
  • Duplex - prints on both sides of paper
  • Dual paper trays - plain paper and transparencies

Xerox Documate 252 Document Scanner (for PC)*

and Fujitsu ScanSnap Document Scanner (for Mac)


SEA 2.315

SEA 3.248

SEA 4.202

SEA 5.230

  • We have several flatbed scanners installed in the public computer labs, however, these sheetfed scanners are specifically designed for scanning single and double-sided documents for conversion to PDF files.
  • 50-page automatic document feeder that scans 50 images per min.
  • 600 x 1200 dpi optical resolution

*Xerox Documate 252 is in SEA 2.315 only. Use the application “PDF Transformer”, which is installed on the same PC, to convert the PDF files to editable Word files.

  • 2 Hewlett-Packard Color Poster Printers

The “HP Designjet 1055cm plus”

And the “HP Designjet 2500cp”


SEA 2.315

  • Prints Poster sizes up to 3ft. x 8 ft.
  • Fewer printing errors, faster printing
  • Uses heavyweight coated roll paper
  • posters for conferences and symposia

Please read instructions before printing. Instructions can be found on the gray rack by the entrance.

You can also download the PDF file from

Epson Stylus Photo Printer

For photo-quality, camera-ready prints that won’t fade.


SEA 2.312F

  • True photo quality - up to 2880 dpi- 6 color smoothness
  • Epson photo paper is required
  • Expensive to print ($1.50 per page)
  • Slow - several minutes per page
  • No network access, local printing only
  • Should only be used for low volume, special print jobs, for example,
  • when camera-ready prints are required for publication.

NOTE: Printing to the Epson 2200 is only

by request via Susanna Douglas at


Equipment Check-Out


Digital Cameras and Video-Editing Facilities

Video Camcorders and Video-Editing Workstations

  • We have dozens of Canon and Sony digital video camcorders for checkout; Computer-based video editing using Apple iMovie, with VHS, S-VHS and mini-DV tape formats supported.
  • Production of training videos
  • Experimental stimuli
  • Subject/client interviews
  • Make copies of VHS and audio tapes
  • Web publishing (Quicktime movies)

High-resolution Digital Cameras

Various digital cameras are available for checkout, including several CANON Powershot A10’s.

Equipment can be checked out for up to 2 weeks.

Portable Presentation Projectors

  • Portable systems are available to carry to other classroom locations. These “bundles” consist of a laptop computer and a portable projector, both of which can be carried in a shoulder bag. All equipment can be checked out in SEA 2.312.
    • Portable VHS tape and projector
    • Mac & PC laptops
    • Projectors

Departmental Databases


Psychology on the WEB



Personal Web


  • Create and maintain YOUR OWN Web site.
  • Create and gather data from online surveys.
  • Class syllabus, homework assignments, handouts, etc.
  • Use your office desktop computer and an html editor
  • to instantly publish on the web.
  • Easy to mount the "Homepage Server" on the desktop via
  • Macintosh “Connect to Server” or Windows "Network
  • Neighborhood”.

  • The following password-protected areas are already set up :
  • Each faculty, staff, and graduate student has a personal
  • web folder.
  • Departmental areas (Clinical, Developmental, etc.)
  • Faculty Lab groups, and affiliated organizations.
  • Class areas for each graduate and undergraduate section.

Departmental Web Site

The Psychology Department primary web site provides information about the degree

programs, faculty, staff and student directories, course descriptions, and more.This is a secure server with content maintained by departmental staff.


Graduate Student Computer Facilities


The Psychology Computing Facility labs are open to all Psychology faculty, staff, and graduate students. The facilities are used for word processing, data analysis, Email, and for the production of slides, color/grayscale prints and transparencies, and presentation graphics for experiments, publications, lectures and grant proposals.

SEA 3.248

SEA 2.315

Main Facility

SEA 4.202

SEA 1.210


  • • 4 Macs
  • • 2 PCs
  • • B&W Laser Printer
  • Color Laser printer
  • PDF document scanner-
  • scans up to 50 pages
  • Flatbed scanner
  • with automatic
  • document feeder
  • • 5 Macs and 2 PCs
  • • Flatbed Scanner with automatic
  • document feeder-scans up to
  • 30 pages
  • PDF document scanner-
  • scans up to 50 pages
  • • B&W Laser Printer

• 4 Macs and 1 PC

• Flatbed Scanner

  • Video-Editing workstations
  • • 4 Macs and 3 PCs
  • 2 HP color poster printers
  • (Poster sizes up to 3ft. x 150ft.)
  • • Color, B&W laser printers
  • • Slide scanner
  • • Flatbed scanner
  • • PDF document scanner with automatic document feeder-scans up to 50 pages

SEA 5.230

ARC 3.168

• 4 Macs

• Flatbed scanner

• B&W Laser printer• Color Laser printer

  • • 3 Macs
  • • 1 PC
  • Flatbed Scanner with
  • automatic document
  • feeder-scans up to 30
  • pages
  • • B&W Laser Printer

Special Research Facilities

Groups of computers available for graduate students to run research experiments, computer surveys, data collection, data entry and group interaction projects. Collect data from many subjects at once.

SEA 2.116

Experimental Computer Lab

(see photo on page 1)

  • 16 Macs, running both OSX and WIN
  • Full AV setup w/document camera/VHS/DVD
  • SEA 2.124
  • Experimental Computer Cubicles
  • 7 soundproof cubicles
  • Special experimental data acquisition software including
  • reaction timing software and sound-activated voice detection
  • Each cubicle has a dual platform Mac - both OSX and WIN
  • SEA 2.114 and 2.122 PSY 418 Computer Labs
  • 27 Mac student workstations in each room
  • TWO Big-screen color video projection systems
  • Full AV setup w/document camera/VHS/DVD

SEA 2.124 -- Experimental Computer Cubicles

SEA 2.122 -- PSY 418 Computer Lab/Classroom


Fileserver Disk Storage Available


Psych Temp



The Psych Department File Servers have about 32bTB of very fast disks which they share with Macintosh and Windows computers. The servers offer huge storage capacity for shared group folders, video streaming and web pages, libraries of applications and documents, and individual private storage.

Server Primary Use

PsychTEMPPsychTEMP is one of the most popular servers in the Department. The ideal location for files in transit to others within the Department. Unrestricted read/write access

for everyone. (Reminder: PsychTEMP should not be used for confidential information.)

Unused Files on PsychTEMP are periodically purged! Please use another server for any files requiring long-term storage.

PsychLibraryThe PsychLibrary is now a folder at the root level of PsychTEMP. The library contains various software installers and collections of PDF documents and templates used for grant, purchasing, and other administrative functions.

LabGroup Storage area for files shared by groups of people. LabGroup provides separate areas for each Faculty-Lab and Departmental Unit. Files stored in group areas may only be seen and edited by members of each specific group.

Private A Secure and confidential password-protected volume for each Faculty member, Graduate Student and Staff person in the Department. Use this area to keep duplicate copies of important documents, files to be backed-up, or private files you need access to from multiple locations.

HomePage Publish your own web page! HomePage providesa separate folder for each Faculty, Staff, Graduate Student, Department Area, and Lab/Group. All files on this server may be viewed and copied from anywhere on the Internet. Primarily used for publishing personal, faculty lab, and class web pages.

Survey Web server for collecting survey data over the Web using Perl, PHP, NetCloak and other CGI code.

Video Video is a new server providing storage space for video collections used in teaching and in the research lab. Videos may optionally be provided as a streaming web service (like YouTube) to the entire world, or to only students registered in specific classes.

Note: Files stored on all server volumes are backed up regularly.






Consult tech staff before you buy.

Non-standard computer configurations, and “oddball”

models of computers and related devices, can be

incompatible with existing Psychology Department

network and support systems.

Call or email us, and we’ll help you select the right model and get a quote.

When you have a problem, need to add software or to change users, give us a call or send us email. We’re here to help.


Phone: 471-2006

UT Security regulations require us to perform installations.

When your new equipment arrives, we will collect it from the Business Office, and do a complete install. We’ll setup users, security, anti-virus, applications, and networking.

An Important Note About VIRUS PROTECTION

It has become critical that ALL computers connected to UT Networks have anti-virus software installed. All computers, including privately owned units MUST be protected before connecting to our networks.

Please contact the Tech Staff prior to connecting any new computer, or if you REINSTALL the operating system on any computer.


Tech Support Directory


Help Desk

Phone: 471-2006


Location: SEA 2.312D


Slide Production

Poster Printing

Camera-ready Art & Illustration

Image Editing

Digital Photography

Computer Accounts


Private FileServer Storage

Group FileServer Storage


Computer Setup

PC Purchasing and Setup

Mac Purchasing and Setup

A/V equipment purchasing & setup

Network Connectivity

Desktop and Server Backups

Special Equipment

CD-ROM Duplication

ClassroomAV Projection

Lab Data Acquisition

Video Editing

Camcorders & DigitalCameras

Equipment Checkout

Laptops and projectors

Digital cameras

Video camcorders

Web Page Production

Web Page Authoring

Web & Database Programming

Web Graphic Design

Web Forms & Surveys

Tech Staff Members


Gary Zuker 2.312J 475-9734 Head “Computer Guy”/System Admin

Bruce Turbeville 2.312D 475-6835 Mac Desktop Support/Tape Backup Systems

Mike Claytor 2.312H 471-9287 Nuts ‘n Bolts/Mac Support/AV Support

Jerry Parlee 2.312B 475-8496 PC Server Support/Databases

Susanna Douglas 2.312F 475-9744 Graphics/Imaging/Webmaster

Jim Phillips 2.312A 471-0940 PC Desktop Support