social sciences through a globalized perspective l.
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Social sciences through a globalized perspective

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Social sciences through a globalized perspective - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social sciences through a globalized perspective. Creating a global curriculum By Athena Smith, Ph.D. Photos from (repository for public domain ). What are social sciences?.

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social sciences through a globalized perspective
Social sciences through a globalized perspective

Creating a global curriculum


Athena Smith, Ph.D.

Photos from (repository for public domain )

what are social sciences
What are social sciences?

Academic disciplines dealing with the study of the social life of groups and individuals





Political Sciences

International Relations



what is a global curriculum
What is a global curriculum?

Two meanings:

1.National curriculums adopt a global dimension

2. Common courses, with common content taught in various countries.

Global ethics curriculum

why do we need a global curriculum
Why do we need a global curriculum?

To become world citizens.

To reduce conflict.

To improve by learning through watching others

the need is urgent because conflict also spreads through globalization
The need is urgent because conflict also spreads through globalization

Europeans think Islam is dangerous

BBC NEWS | UK | Survey reveals Muslim attitudes

the pew global attitudes iht 6 29 06
The Pew Global Attitudes (IHT, 6/29/06)
  • Westerners and Muslims around the world have radically different views of world events, and each group tends to view the other as violent, intolerant, and lacking respect for women
  • Exceptions: Two-thirds of the French public expressed positive views of Muslims, and even larger majorities of French Muslims felt favorable to Christians and Jews.
  • Majorities in every country except Pakistan expressed pessimism about Muslim-Western relations (Germany 70%, France 66%, Turkey 64%, Spain and Britain 61% and Egypt 58%.)
how indonesians stereotype the chinese
How Indonesians stereotype the Chinese

Chinese are rich

Chinese keep to themselves

Chinese are arrogant

Chinese think that money can buy anything

how we stereotype arabs
How we stereotype Arabs

The three B syndrome: bombers, belly dancers, or billionaires.

21 major movies in the last ten years show our military killing Arabs.

Russell Baker: "Arabs are the last people except Episcopalians whom Hollywood feels free to offend en masse."

three steps
Three steps

Overcome the “who cares” attitude

What to do and how to do it

Choose whom you can reach

first step overcome the who cares attitude
First step: Overcome the “who cares” attitude

Environmental degradation

The story of a pencil

The Second Auto Industry

Security concerns

global interdependencies
Global interdependencies

12 million American jobs depend on trade, including 1 in 5 factory jobs.

One in 3 acres of U.S. farmland is planted for export

Many of the nation's biggest corporations, from Coca-Cola to Microsoft and Google, depend on substantial revenues from overseas.

second step what to do and how to do it different perspectives of the world
Second Step (What to do and how to do it)Different perspectives of the world

We have entered a new global order based on cultural comparative advantage.

Japanese social discipline.

Indian intellectual rigor

Korean loyalty to superiors

Cantonese entrepreneurship

YouTube - Traffic Chaos India

Enhance the courses with online materials from sources like Globalization 101 or international news sites

Advantages of Globalization 101 materials

Encompassing social sciences

Frequently updated

Free (Can reach the poorest)


Add the global dimension to your courses

Enrich the text with current events

Assign projects to investigate which global forces shaped the particular event

from primary school to college social development
From primary school to college: Social development

Use pictures

to show people’s happiness and sorrow-role playing

To show common needs and practices

To exchange travel experiences

communication and language
Communication and language

Discuss stories with common justice messages (Indian Fairy Tales )

Learn anti-discriminatory language

Role-playing teaches respect

Different religions

Different foods

Different family settings

Different customs and art (dances, theatre, music, humor)

one story may apply to a multitude of disciplines history business economics
One story may apply to a multitude of disciplines (history/business/economics)

From Dan Griswold’s Trading Tyranny for Freedom: How Open Markets Till the Soil for Democracy. “Economic integration promotes civil and political freedoms directly by opening a society to new technology, communications, and democratic ideas... By promoting faster growth, free trade promotes political freedom indirectly by creating an economically independent and politically aware middle class."

college sample lectures a globalized approach
College sample lectures: A globalized approach

Life in Rural China

NPR: Rural China in Transition

Job Losses Explode in Rural America

India's Farming 'Revolution' Heading For Collapse

similarities in rural development among countries
Similarities in rural development among countries

1960’s-1980’s rapid industrialization

Companies found cheaper land, cheaper labor and less regulation

Industrial recruitment shifted local populations from the primary to secondary sectors

commonalities use of short multimedia
Commonalities: Use of short multimedia

Building a Prison Economy in Rural America

Cities sell garbage to rural areas

Playing with waste in India

from 1980 s to now
From 1980’s to now

Spread of biotechnology

Revised GATT and


EU-India: Free Trade Agreement

globalized approach to world history
Globalized approach to world history

1. Help students to understand that their country never existed in a vacuum and that events occurring within their borders affect other peoples.

2. Help students to recognize that historical interpretations are colored by national interests.

re writing texts
Re-writing texts

Cyprus history book rewrites spark outcry

To avoid 'us vs. them' in Balkans, rewrite history

include the positive
Include the positive….

Grameen Bank

Credit is treated as a human right and a cost-effective weapon to fight poverty

In Bangladesh 80% of poor families have been reached through microcredit

The idea has become global and includes



Social Guarantees of Loans

and the negative
and the negative…

Human trafficking is facilitated by increased international mobility, transparent borders, broadband communication, and political and economic upheaval.

The displaced persons, the war victims, the poor, and those seeking the opportunities of the West, turned trafficking into a booming business.

Not For Sale: Slavery map

third step choose whom you can reach
Third step: Choose whom you can reach

International collaboration

Educational tourism

Global classroom

Reaching the poor

sierra leone
Sierra Leone

Pupils from Dorton House in Kent, and Milton Margai School for the blind in war-torn Freetown, Sierra Leone, have visited each other and worked together on disability rights and conflict resolution projects.

Here is the story from BBC NEWS

possible set ups for a global classroom among countries
Possible set-ups for a global classroom among countries

Synchronous distance learning

Asynchronous distance learning

Correspondence courses

Exchange programs

one laptop per child
One Laptop per Child

Donate one

Participating countries:

Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Mongolia, Kiribati, Nauru, New Caledonia, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Vanuatu.