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International Student Job Search Strategies PowerPoint Presentation
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International Student Job Search Strategies

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International Student Job Search Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International Student Job Search Strategies. Career Opportunities Center ~ ~ (573) 341 - 4343. #20 in the Nation (2008): Best Career/Job Placement Services. Agenda. Obstacles to Getting Hired Overcoming Obstacles Meeting/Targeting Companies Résumé Issues

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international student job search strategies

International Student Job Search Strategies

Career Opportunities Center ~ ~ (573) 341 - 4343

#20 in the Nation (2008):Best Career/Job Placement Services


Obstacles to Getting Hired

Overcoming Obstacles

Meeting/Targeting Companies

Résumé Issues



obstacles to getting hired
Obstacles to Getting Hired

Why might some companies prefer to hire citizens?

Process is more complicated; less familiar

May cost more money than hiring a citizen

More time consuming

May have concern about effective communication with customers and co-workers

Fear they may lose their investment in time, money and training

obstacles to getting hired4
Obstacles to Getting Hired

Why do companies hire international students?

Need for bi-lingual or multi-cultural employees

Desire to hire the best candidates regardless of citizenship status

Need for individuals with advanced degrees

In math, science and engineering 50% or more of advanced degrees in the United States are granted to international students; 67% of all EE PhD’s in 2005


Develop communication skills

  • Internships/Co-ops
    • Recent study showed that 53% of international students received their job offer
    • from a company they had previously interned with
  • Attend Grad School
  • Be better, smarter, faster, etc.
    • Get involved on campus
    • Get better grades
    • Get experience
    • Attend COC Workshops and become a superior job seeker

Overcoming Obstacles


Meeting/Targeting Companies

  • Attend company events on campus
    • Presentations, info sessions, ‘days’
    • Introduce yourself to the recruiters (Be prepared!)
    • Be assertive but not aggressive
  • Identify employers that have and do hire international students
    • Always identified on Career Fair flier
    • Check the GoingGlobal Database
    • Pay attention to requirements in MinerJobs
    • Talk to friends and alumni
  • Look for global or globalizing companies
    • These companies may find your international experience very valuable
  • Be very prepared to meet recruiters at the Career Fair

Résumé Issues

  • Résumés differ from country to country
    • Make sure yours looks like what American employers would expect
    • Be sure to have a COC Career Advisor look at your resume
  • Provide a frame of reference to American employers for foreign companies/schools they may not be familiar with
  • Do not list ‘English’ as a skill unless you speak more than 2 languages fluently


  • Become knowledgeable about the company beforehand and demonstrate that knowledge
    • Products, challenges, changes, news items, etc.
    • Read their website thoroughly
    • Search for news (,, etc.)
    • Public companies:
  • Accentuate communications skills whenever possible
    • “Tell me about a time when…”


  • GoingGlobal (register in the COC office)
  • Dictionary of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries
    • Use it for free in the COC Main Office
  • Internet Resources
coc team
COC Team

Heidi Lyle

Administrative Assistant

Sara Earl

Recruiting Assistant A-G

Colleen Kapeller

Recruiting Assistant H-Z

Monica Galarza

Administrative Assistant

Lea-Ann Morton, Ph.D.


Nancy Zamazanuk

Career Advisor

Marla Smith

Assistant Director

Edna Grover-Bisker

Associate Director