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Introduction by David Shaw

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Introduction by David Shaw - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction by David Shaw. *****UPDATE***** DEVELOPMENT OF FOUNDATIONAL KNOWLEDGE GUIDELINES and revision and update of the ADEA CLINICAL COMPETENCIES. Presentor Bill Davenport. Proposal.

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Introduction by David Shaw

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introduction by david shaw
Introduction by David Shaw

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport



presentor bill davenport
Presentor Bill Davenport

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

  • That a task force be formed to consider mechanisms for developing contemporary sets of foundation knowledge statements and for the revision of the existing ADEA clinical competencies.

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

overall objectives
Overall Objectives
  • Develop a contemporary document comparable to the "course guidelines" that were published years ago.
  • Recommend a more appropriate domain-topic list for the ADA biannual clock-hour report.
  • Recommend a more content specific domain-topic outline for National Board Exams.
  • Develop an "integrated" competency approach to dental education.
  • Update the current ADEA clinical competencies list.
  • Develop integrated biomedical sciences basic and foundation knowledge statements to support the ADEA recommended clinical competencies.

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

  • The development of a more focused, contemporary, and streamlined set of foundation knowledge statements should allow dental schools to modify and fine-tune their curricula so that foundation knowledge can be relatively consistent among dental schools.
  • The foundation knowledge developed will be the underlying information necessary for competency-based education.
  • In addition, National Board Test Construction Committees can use these sets to help ensure questions represent contemporary curricular content.

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

phase i
Phase I
  • Data Available
    • the ADA biannual clock hour report domain-topic list
    • the CODA standards for accreditation (specifically standard 2)
    • the National Dental Board content outline
    • references to the old guidelines (too voluminous to duplicate)
    • ADEA existing clinical competencies

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

phase i8
Phase I
  • Section Activity
    • Updated NBD Content Outline
    • Updated ADA Domain-Topic
    • Initial Basic/Foundation Knowledge Statements
    • Revised/Updated ADEA Clinical Competencies

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

phase ii
Phase II
  • Data to Task Force
    • Updated NDB Content Outline
    • Updated ADA Domain-Topic
    • Initial Basic/Foundation Knowledge Statements
    • Revised/Updated ADEA Clinical Competencies

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

phase ii10
Phase II
  • Task Force Activity
    • Collate/Integrate Data
    • Resubmit to sections for approval the following:
      • Integrated Basic Knowledge Statements
      • Integrated Foundation Knowledge Statements
      • Clinical Competencies
    • Recommend to ADA (after sections and COS approval)
      • NDB content outline revision
      • Domain-Topic list revision

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

relationship flow chart
Relationship Flow Chart

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

basic foundation knowledge bfk
Basic Foundation Knowledge - BFK
  • A student must have command of certain basic or foundation knowledge. Gaining this information occurs throughout the life of the individual at every level of education. Students enter dental school with varying degrees of education and life experiences. It is assumed that all possess that level of knowledge contained in the courses required for admission. A dental school education must build on this awareness with additional foundation knowledge in the biomedical sciences from which the student can proceed toward the prescribed level of clinical competency in general dentistry.

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

integrative knowledge ik
Integrative Knowledge - IK
  • Once the basic principles of biomedical science (BFK) are understood, they must be supplemented with specific integrative knowledge upon which clinical competencies are based.

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

cda standard 2 25
CDA Standard 2-25

At a minimum, graduates must be competent in providing oral health care within the scope of general dentistry, as defined by the school, for the child, adolescent, adult, geriatric and medically compromised patient, including:

a. patient assessment and diagnosis;

b. comprehensive treatment planning;

c. health promotion and disease prevention;

d. informed consent;

e. anesthesia, and pain and anxiety control;

f. restoration of teeth;

g. replacement of teeth;

h. periodontal therapy;

i. pulpal therapy;

j. oral mucosal disorders;

k. hard and soft tissue surgery;

l. dental emergencies;

m. malocclusion and space management; and

n. evaluation of the outcomes of treatment.

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

adea clinical competency
ADEA Clinical Competency


Perform uncomplicated endodontic procedures.

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

integrative knowledge
Integrative Knowledge
  • The student, therefore, must understand the:
    • structure, function, and metabolism of collagen, proteoglycans, and other proteins in connective tissue, including bone, dentin, and cementum.
    • normal structure of teeth and supporting structures, including enamel, dentin, pulp, and cementum;
    • mechanism of pain modulation;

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

  • In order to proceed to the SFK necessary to attain the level of competency expected of a dental graduate, the student must first understand the:
    • structure and function of the normal cell and the basic types of tissues comprising the human body;
    • general principles of the etiology and natural history of disease processes.

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport

workshop proposed agenda
Workshop – Proposed Agenda

Welcome and Introductions

Goals of the Workshop

Develop a strategy or producing discipline foundation knowledge statements.

Integrate foundation knowledge statements to the clinical competencies.

Keynote Speakers

Working Sessions

Room 1 – Part I Disciplines Room 2 – Part II Disciplines

Anatomical Sciences Pharmacology

Microbiology Operative Dentistry

Pathology Prosthodontics

Biochemistry Orthodontics

Physiology Pedodontics

Dental Anatomy and Occlusion Periodontics

  • Endodontics
  • Oral Pathology/Radiology
  • Oral Surgery/Pain Control
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Dental Public Health
  • Occupational Safety

ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport



ADEA – COS – 2004 – W. Davenport