2006 the global forum against antisemitism 2006 l.
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הפורום לתיאום המאבק באנטישמיות 2006 The Global Forum Against Antisemitism 2006

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הפורום לתיאום המאבק באנטישמיות 2006 The Global Forum Against Antisemitism 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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הפורום לתיאום המאבק באנטישמיות 2006 The Global Forum Against Antisemitism 2006. " keep your houses clean. not like the Jews ". Mauritius, December 2006. " Don’t buy from dirty Jews”. Switzerland, July 2006. Brazil, August 2006. California, December 2006. California, August 2006.

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2006 the global forum against antisemitism 2006
הפורום לתיאום המאבק באנטישמיות 2006

The Global Forum Against Antisemitism 2006


"Don’t buy from dirty Jews”

Switzerland, July 2006


The Past Year

  • The antisemitic incidents that were expressed by attacks on Jewish communities around the world, especially in Europe, continued throughout the past year.
  • These incidents included hundreds of violent attacks along with murder, body injuries, property damage, desecration of Jewish sites, threats, propaganda and invective inscriptions.
the prominent characteristics of antisemitism in 2006
The Prominent Characteristics of Antisemitism in 2006
  • Escalation in the nature of the attacks
  • The negative effect of the Lebanon war
  • Proliferation in Holocaust denial
  • State Antisemitism

The Murder of Pamela Waechter z”l in the Jewish Federation Building in Seattle (July 2006)


Various Murder Attempts in Russia and in the Ukraine

Rostov, Kiev, Krach

Dozens of Attacks and Harassments of Jews- Some Required Hospitalization

France, Britain, Australia, Ukraine, Russia


Aspecific rise in the scope of Anti- Semitic incidents was noted, mostly in countries populated with large Arab/ Muslim communities.

  • An enormous amount of threat and derision letters were sent to Jewish communities.
  • Anti- Israeli propaganda in the media which at times manifested an antisemitic motif.

Jostein Gaarder

  • “ the State of Israel in its present form is history” we no longer recognize the State of Israel”.
  • “ There is no mandate from God or from history to justify their abominations.”
  • “ Do not worry, Israel will go to exile again”

“God’s Chosen People”August 2006

Aftenposten, Norway


Holocaust deniers in Iran and Egypt were given a platform to express their opinions:

  • Caricature competition on the Holocaust took place in Iran. (August)
  • A convention of “ examination of the Holocaust veracity” was held in Teheran. (December)
  • A convention of Holocaust denial was held in Egypt. (December)


The Iranian President repeatedly calls for the annihilation of the Jewish State. He also demands the European countries to take back the Jews who left them for Israel.



President Chavez speaks severely against Israel as part of his struggle with the USA and his identification with Iran. This creates an antisemitic atmosphere in the country.


Terror Threats

  • The threat of terror against the Jewish communities continues to be relevant in 2006 as well as in the past.
  • This year the pattern of the “lone terrorist” was prominent.
  • Warnings and threats from Jihad groups to harm Jewish targets around the world were received this year as well .

Ayman al-Zawahiri

“The strongest way of helping our Muslim brothers is to strike the interests of the Jews and those who cooperate with them”.

11 September 2006


The Radical Left

  • The radical left promotes, at times an idea of deligitimization of the existence of the Israel. This is done by holding demonstrations, publishing articles in the media and activity on campuses.
  • The calls to boycott Israel both financially and academically continued this year. These calls came from leftist elements, especially in Britain, Sweden, South Africa and Canada. (Trade Unions, COSATU, NAFTHE)
the radical right
The radical right parties in Europe are gaining more political power as a result of the growing Muslim communities.

The power of the right parties may have a long term effect on the Jewish communities in Europe.

Radical right groups across the world harass Jews and damage the property of Jews.

Hatred of foreigners and minorities spreads in Russia and the Ukraine ,which affects the Jewish communities as well.Also, nationalistic/political groups are involved in spreading antisemitic ideology and in promoting aracist atmosphere.

The Radical Right


    • Iran, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon are prominent in the field of incitement and spreading of antisemitism in the media.
    • In the Palestinian Authority- incitement continues in the media, educational system and mosques.
    • across the world – antisemitic expressions by prominent figures in the fields of politics and culture.
    • the internet continues to serve as a platform for spreading antisemitism.
struggle against antisemitism
Struggle Against Antisemitism
  • reinforcement of the struggle against antisemitism by national and international figures , understanding that antisemitism endangers society as a whole (UN, EU, ITF…)
  • The UN- marking Holocaust Day on January 27th 2006
  • Publication of the inter-parliamentary committee on antisemitism in Britain.
  • arresting and putting to trial of Holocaust deniers.
  • removal of boycott threats on Israel due to pressure of Jewish and other organizations.
  • vast official denunciations by the international community of the convention on the denial of the Holocaust held in Iran.
  • France is a role model in the battle against antisemitism.
struggle against antisemitism36
Struggle Against Antisemitism

Renewal of the activity of the Global Forum Against Antisemitism by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A convention will take place in February and will discuss ways of promoting bilateral and multilateral cooperation in media, law and educational activities.

  • Cooperation with the United Nations, the international organizations and the countries of the world regarding the struggle against antisemitism.
  • Cooperation between Israel and the Diaspora must be enhanced to fight antisemitism.
  • Dialogue with moderate religious figures in the Muslim and Christian world must be enhanced.
  • Action must be taken in order to increase the legislation and enforcement against propaganda and antisemitic activity including Holocaust denial.
  • Educational activities must be initiated and enhanced.

From the Center for Follow-up of Racism and Xenophobia of the EU

  • Definitions of Antisemitic Expressions Against Israel
  • Denying the rights of the Jews to self-determination such as: claiming that the existence of the State of Israel is a racist entity.
  • Use of symbols and figures that relate to classical antisemitism (such as claims that the Jews killed Jesus or Blood Libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis.
  • Comparing Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.
  • Holding all Jews , wherever they may be, as responsible for the actions of the State of Israel.
  • Demanding that Israel hold to higher moral standards than those of any other democratic country.

Region Incidents Change

2006 2005

France 360 300 +20%

UK 312 321 -3%

Russia 300 250 +20%

Ukraine slight drop but increase in violent incidents

Austria 83 50 +66%

Germany increase in Berlin schools +60%

Scandinavia 53 35 + 50%

more information
More Information
  • www.antisemitism.org.il/eng
  • www.jewishagency.org