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Positive Aging 4 Ways to Stay Optimistic PowerPoint Presentation
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Positive Aging 4 Ways to Stay Optimistic

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Positive Aging 4 Ways to Stay Optimistic
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Positive Aging 4 Ways to Stay Optimistic

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  1. Positive Aging 4 Ways to Stay Optimistic

  2. With more than 70,000 Centenarians in the US alone, it’s obvious many of our elders are making the most of their lives, no matter their age. But how? And even if you’re just over 80, or under 80, wherever you’re at in life, there are ways to stay positive and see the glass half-full.

  3. There is this movement that many of you may not know about called ‘Positive Psychology,’ which hones in on the idea that how we think about our day-to-day living shapes what it means to be happy. Asking questions like: What makes life worthwhile in our later years despite physical or mental challenges? With specific actions and habits that we can learn, the process of aging can become more positive:

  4. With your resources, it is helpful to be selective, optimize and compensate. This means as you are adapting to the aging process, limiting your options or life choices in order to optimize your functioning level as your faculties decline. So basically, practice the behaviors you want to remain intact (exercise, playing an instrument, leading a group, etc.) and figure out what type of support or modified techniques you need to carry out to continue doing the activity.

  5. Understand what your life goals are at this point and make your decisions based on those ideals. To lead this sort of fulfilling and satisfying life as you age, it’s important to understand your place in the world and then choosing to make your contribution no matter how small.

  6. It’s also important to know how to help others and receive help in return and knowing how to approach your stage of life with an ongoing desire to learn new things and have new experiences. • Cultivating flexibility involves lifelong strategies of thinking and feeling in ways that counteractive most patterns. Practice gratitude, forgiveness and honesty.

  7. It’s a mindset. It is disciplining yourself to reframe perceptions and cultivating those positive emotions as you cope with whatever dilemmas come with old age. Neuroscience studies suggest that happiness is activated in older persons as they practice positive and aging skills. We want to encourage you to discover how you can be happy as the years pass, because it IS possible! For more information on the elderly care Miami, the home care Miami or the senior housing Miami community, located in Aventura, contact us here

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