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Different Types of Storage Tanks in UAE PowerPoint Presentation
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Different Types of Storage Tanks in UAE

Different Types of Storage Tanks in UAE

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Different Types of Storage Tanks in UAE

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  1. Types of Storage Tanks in UAE • Storage tanks are containers that are used to store liquids and gases. Storage tanks are designed in different shapes and sizes. • They are also built with different metals to make them ideal for the safe storage of liquids and gases. • Storage tanks may be above ground or designed for storage underground.

  2. There are 8 kinds of storage tanks available…

  3. Fixed Roof Tanks • A fixed roof tank is the least expensive kind of storage tank consisting of a cylindrical shaped frame with a fixed roof that is cone or dome shaped. • A breather valve is installed in the tank that releases the excess vapor during slight variations of temperature and liquid levels.

  4. External Floating Roof Tanks • The roof of an external floating roof tank is not attached to the tank. • The roof floats on top of the liquid that is stored in the tank. • An External floating roof tank reduces the loss of liquid by minimizing evaporation.

  5. Internal Floating Roof Tanks • An Internal floating roof tank has both a fixed roof and a floating roof. • The floating roof floats on the liquid inside the tank which rises and falls with the level of the liquid.

  6. Domed External Floating Roof Tanks These kinds of tanks are mostly constructed from aluminum with a light weight roof for the purpose of removing rain or snow load off the roof or for blocking the wind.

  7. Horizontal Tanks • Horizontal tanks are constructed such that the length of the tank is not more than 6 times of the diameter of the tank. • These tanks are fitted with pressure vacuum vents, gauge hatches and manholes to provide accessibility to the interiors of the tank. • They can be used for both above and underground storage.

  8. Pressure Tanks Pressure tanks have a wide variety of applications and are used in diving cylinders, recompression chambers, distillation towers, autoclaves, and many other vessels in mining operations, oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

  9. Liquefied Natural Gas Tanks • These tanks are specifically designed to store liquefied natural gas and can also be used above or underground. • They are built with two containers with the inner container storing the liquefied natural gas and the outer container is filled with insulation materials.

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