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Reverberatory furnace PowerPoint Presentation
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Reverberatory furnace

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Reverberatory furnace
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Reverberatory furnace

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  2. ABOUT US • Silcarb uses its own high-density knowledgment affirmed industrial Heating Elements (which is bogus in its bulb in Bangalore) for these High-Temperature Furnaces. • High temperature accuracies with long heater life and refractory life are a feature of these Furnaces.

  3. How Reverberatory Furnace • The Reverberatory furnace is assembled from steel beams into a rectangular format that is lined in external and within the firebricks. • The fuel or oxygen fired heaters will supply the exothermic heat needed to melt the copper ore which is provided by gas solid hopper

  4. How Reverberatory Furnace • Reverberatory furnace melts the aluminum with the heat that re-transmits heat from hot refractory heated by way of the burners mounted inside the roof or else sidewall of the furnaces. • The molten metal is retained within the furnace required at appropriate temperature before it is tapped out for or moved to the holding furnaces.

  5. Reverberatory Furnaces

  6. Two Types Of Reverberatory Furnaces • Gas Reverberatory: These type of furnace based on whether they are block of metal are revert materials that are preheated before melting point or not. In Dry Hearth Reverberatory furnaces charges and preheats block of metals and they were revert materials on a slope in between the charging door & the molten metal bath, by removing the water residue prior melting.

  7. Two Types Of Reverberatory Furnace • Side-Well Reverberatory Furnace: Theses type of furnace consist of numerous burners that are firing within the hearth, across the furnace’s hot wall or of the door. Furnaces are get charged very well and the pump well are attached to the furnaces to the hot wall to the outside of the furnaces

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