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Virtual Head Swap & Other Leading Data Recovery Technologies

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Virtual Head Swap & Other Leading Data Recovery Technologies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virtual Head Swap & other leading Data Recovery technologies will light up SD Data Recovery Summit on November 1st in ChengDu, Sichuan, China./n

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Virtual Head Swap & Other Leading Data Recovery Technologies' - AmyJiang

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The first global data recovery summit will start normally on November 1st in ChengDu, the Silicon Valley of middle and west China.


This summit will have attendees from professional data recovery companies, data recovery technology lovers and business investing companies and it attracts meanwhile the attention from many public Medias. SalvationDATA CTO will in person share the world’s leading data recovery technologies in this field and predicts the future of data recovery development. By one of our previous investigations to attendees and the market, we learnt virtual head swap technology was of great interest and paid attention to.


Virtual head swap technology: it is one advanced research and add-on technology for physical head replacement in clean room. The damaged hard drives are able to boot itself from either of the working heads containing firmware. When one head is damaged, it will be shifted to another working head to boot the drive and have the data recovery program access to the users’ data area so that you can perform successful data recovery. The application and progressing of this head replacement technology is to dig more possible hard drive brands and series to be supported and therefore users of it will no longer need to find donor drives, configure clean rooms and the second damage to platter surface risk is minimized. Finally, the users improve not only their data recovery success rate and efficiency, but also defeat other competitors using other different data recovery tools without this technology.

Actually SalvationDATA has integrated this virtual head replacement technology with Data Compass since September 2010 to fix WD ROYL hard drives’ head damage. All users of Data Compass have benefit greatly from it and acquire customers’ favor.


Within the coming data recovery summit, the CTO of SalvationDATA-Mr. Fan will explain in details about this super data recovery technology and if you are interested, you can also watch one of our Data Compass video case studies utilizing this technology here.


If you are interested in learning more about this technology and its application, please email now to info[at]