getting the right title description and category for your ebook l.
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Getting the Right Title, Description and Category for Your E PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting the Right Title, Description and Category for Your E

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Getting the Right Title, Description and Category for Your E - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Whether or not your ebook will sell in large part comes down to the title, the description and the category.


A stellar TITLE will move thousands of copies

  • A great DESCRIPTION should make your eyes pop out with excitement.
  • The CATEGORY is critical because it helps you connect your ebook with the right audience


Here’s how to come up with a stellar title, a great description and a category that facilitates sales.

coming up with a great title
Coming Up with a Great Title
  • It is the most important sentence in your entire ebook.
  • When writing your title, think of it as a process.
  • Start writing titles as soon as you begin your ebook.
  • Don’t commit to a title until the very end.
  • Write them down as they come to you.


Try to involve other people in the title choosing process.

  • Treat coming up with a title as a long-term brainstorming process.
  • Look through stores like the Kindle ebook store.

getting the description right
Getting the Description Right
  • The description writing process should start early on.
  • Start to collect a swipe file.
  • Come up with a few different ways to approach the description.
  • Ask your friends which one is the most compelling.
  • Focus on the first sentence.


Try to get testimonials

and/or editorial reviews.

  • Reference your

swipe file often.

  • Never steal words, but don’t be afraid to steal ideas.
  • Copy what made other ebooks successful.

picking the right category
Picking the Right Category
  • Pick the category that gives the highest chance of ranking
  • Your category needs to be relevant to what your

ebook is about

  • Choose the one that gives you the highest chances of breaking the top charts.
  • Take a look at the other ebooks in the categories you’re considering.


Slow categories work only if you have an extremely strong marketing engine.

  • See what your competitors are doing and do the same.


Get these three things right, add in a stellar front cover and a strong marketing plan and you’ll be off to the races.


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