Getting The Right QA Team For Your Business
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Getting The Right QA Team For Your Business | QAUBER - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you want your QA team to perform highly skilled services, you must consider these things.

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Getting The Right QA Team For Your Business

The quality will speak for your company’s reputation. That’s why aside from hiring workers, QA team

must also be a priority for every business company. QA performs a wide range of crucial roles which

mostly include the quality checking. They are the ones that assured that every company’s product will

produce usefulness and effectiveness. Good quality will results in customer’s reliability while bad quality

will results in customer’s dissatisfaction. That’s why it is very important that your QA team is highly

skilled and trained when it comes to assuring the high standard of your services or products.

If you want your QA Team to perform highly skilled services, you must consider these things:

1. Training. Your chosen QA team must undergo training in order for them to provide a wide range of

quality service testing. When your QA Team is not well trained, they tend to make mistakes. Their

mistakes cost the company money, and they end up ruining a chance to produce a good quality of a

business. Training them offers an effective way to invest your company in a good reputation.

2.QA Environment. A separate environment will allow QA to test installation issues and fulfillment of

all software requirements. It is important to consider the QA Environment for your QA Team to ensure

their work will perform into an organized manner.

3. QA And Test Management Tools. Getting installed and configured all the necessary QA and Test

management tools. Providing your QA Team the proper tool and testers is an essential thing to enable

them to measure accurately the effectiveness of the product with the intention also to find any defects

that is necessary to eliminate, that is to be done in an a precise manner with a proper tool.

4. Automation Framework. A set of guidelines like coding standards, test-data handling, object

repository treatment etc... Which when followed during automation scripting produce beneficial

outcomes like increase code re-usage, higher portability, reduced script maintenance cost etc?

Considering the proper automation framework for your automated QA environment is also an important


5. QA Consultation. Provision of expert and independent advice and consultation relating to

interpretation of regulatory requirements, regulations and quality management systems. Providing the

right consultation on QA methodologies and processes is a Big MUST!

Considering these things is a huge win for team and business. Do it right, and you will shorten

development cycles and make the work of your QA professionals more engaging. Customer satisfaction

will be always at hand if the good quality of a business is always achieved. If you’re looking for the right

QA team for your business, QAUBER will provide the perfect team for you. For more details and other

essential testing for your business, visit