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Baby Gears
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Baby Gears

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  1. Baby Gears

  2. Baby gears are a list of supplies that are needed by mothers in handling of babies. Baby gears are therefore known as baby products. Handling of babies entails a lot of work. Therefore, these devices have been brought about to ease much work that is expected to be done by parents.

  3. There are different unique baby gearsthat are used when it comes to monitoring of babies; -breast feeding and bottle feeding, Feeding, safety, baby soothers, toys and entertainment, health, sleeping, all of these purposes should be considered keenly depending on which gears are preferred by the baby or parent.

  4. Breast pumps helps to pump milk out from the mother’s breast milk while breast bags are used to store pumped milk. Bottlebrushes are handy used to thoroughly scrub away all the dirt in baby’s’ feeding bottles and the nipples. Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding

  5. Bottles, mostly, 4-ounce bottles are needed to start feeding your baby but as your bay grows, 8-ounce is needed as much nipples to feed your baby will be in need too, Feeding pillows are very important in avoiding straining of the mothers shoulder or neck during,

  6. breast feeding accessories are also important to the mother as it helps relieve sore nipples, it also keeps your shirt clean and dry as breast feeding involves much leaking of breast milk.

  7. Baby carriers help you free the rest of your hands to perform other tasks. Choose a carrier that all its parts will support your baby securely and that it can be cleaned easily. Stroller helps you roll down your baby around town with much efficiency. Carrying of the baby

  8. Car seat is mandatory and as tempting as it is you need to avoid buying used car seat. Therefore you need to make sure your baby’s car seat meets all the safety guidelines

  9. When your baby is ready to eat solid foods, highchairs, bowls, bibs, baby spoons and Sippy cups are needed. Highchair makes cleanup work to be easier, as well as rolling wheels makes movement of chairs from room to room work to be easier. Feeding

  10. Bowls with cup at the bottom are stuck to the tray to avoid it from being flung on the floor. Waterproof /quick drying kinds are important in holding falling food. Baby spoons a rubber tipped or plastic spoon is important on your baby’s gum and small enough to fit into the baby’s mouth,

  11. Sippy cup have a lid and a spout to ease drinking. Watching out for the biggest household dangers on your newborn is vital as soon as your child is mobile- crawling, rolling and walking. A few products are needed to protect your child from harmful hazards. These are;-safety gates, outlet covers, cupboard and drawer latches toilet seat locks and monitors.

  12. Baby soothers, toys and EntertainmentPacifiers are not a necessity by any means, but for some parents and babies, these soothers are very essential, Bouncy seat bounces up and down when little ones kicks or moves and many babies love this motion.

  13. Play mat/gyms are soft mats with baby toys that dangle from overhead. Young babies can also have a ball staring and batting at the toys. It’s nice to have a few rattles, musical and soft toys