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How WiFi plug changed our lives

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How WiFi plug changed our lives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wifi plug adapter is a smart plug adapter and also known as power outlet adapter. It is a device, which adds wireless connectivity to iPhone or Android phone. These Wi-Fi Smart Plugs provide ability to keep on wireless connectivity smartly and in control from everywhere in the world.\n

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Presentation Transcript
How WiFi plug changed our lives

The wifi plug adapter is a smart plug adapter and also known as power

outlet adapter, which includes wireless connectivity, let you go round

any electrical device to the connected device for purposes of power on

and power off. The wireless plug adapter includes app for Android

devices and iOS devices, so users can manage the connected application

anywhere either they are in own home networks or outside the home.

Why wireless plug is cool:

Remote Control

Plug and Play Set-up

Enhanced WiFi Mode

Range Extender & Relay

Automatic Charging Protection

Scheduled Tasks

Shutdown Timers

Unlimited Control

Remote Control or Wireless Control

Nowadays, people are busy and not able to manage everything of home

electronics. The wifi plug is a wireless control device; you can monitor

and control it remotely. Thus, you can manage electronics with the help

of these devices. You also can save money, time and energy.

Wi-Fi Smart Plug and Play Set-up

You can simply take benefit of wifi plug adapter and start utilizing your

wireless smart plug in home and office immediately.

Improved Wi-Fi Mode/Range Extender and Relay

The wireless plug is more powerful and easy to use because this plug

includes the advanced functions. It is able to transmit and enhance your

wireless signals around the home. Now, you can manage stable

connection on your smartphones, tablets and some other wifi enabled


Automatic smart charging security

Many people tired because their smartphone battery life decreases every

day. When you plug into the charger at night, your smartphone overheat

from the overload power after it reaches complete battery. The wireless

plug adapter stops sending a power when your battery is full. So you can

benefit from long-lasting battery life each day.

Unlimited Control by Smart Plugs

You can enjoy more gaining control over your device by the smart

plugs. There is no limit to how many devices you can insert to your

gadget list and control many devices.