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School Resources

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School Resources
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School Resources

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  1. School Resources Primary school resources are perhaps more important than school resources for any other age group. Primary school students are at the beginning of their educational journey, and it is at this first stage that teachers should captivate their interest and instill in them a love for learning. Middle school resources include resources for teachers like lesson plans, teaching aids and resources to keep lessons fun and interesting. High school resources focus more on students’ needs. The topics are very specific, and the teaching/studying tools are more about getting students interested in the subject matter. Plenty of School resources for all subjects and grades are available on the internet. Home school resources include a wide variety of curricula to choose from for each subject, curriculum reviews, homeschooling community forums, printable worksheets, activities and more! ENGLISH RESOURCES English Activities Learning Letters Spelling Activities Rhyme Time

  2. Practicing Syllables Practicing Antonyms, Synonyms and Homonyms Practicing Alphabetical Order Practicing Punctuation Practicing Parts of Speech English Worksheets English Worksheets for Kindergarten Perfect Pairs ‘A’ to ‘Z’ Letter Partners English Worksheets for 1st Grade The End Up Front! Musical Mice Dog Tag Words Rhyme It Word Slide

  3. English Worksheets for 2nd Grade Edison’s Spotlight on Nouns Two Sounds of G Can You See Hard and Soft C? Beautiful Fruits Blasting Off With Verbs! English Worksheets for 3rd Grade Bothoven’s Message Maestro’s Mix-Up Beasley and Homophones Antonyms at the Art Gallery Synonyms Match Present and Past More than One Telescope Decoder English Worksheets for 4th Grade Get a Clue Caught in the Web Ghostly Parts of Speech Peanut Butter n’ Jelly Picnic The Vampire’s Cats Tombstone Toss-Up

  4. English Worksheets for 5th Grade Parts of Speechless No Bones About It Moving Mountains Check Out the Atmosphere READING RESOURCES Reading Worksheets Reading Worksheets for Kindergarten Find the Rhyme Draw a Rhyme Months’ Match-Up Coloring Fun Crayon Colors Sorry, Wrong Sound What’s the Sound? MATH RESOURCES Math Worksheets Math Worksheets for Kindergarten Count n’ Match It’s a Match!

  5. It’s About Time Bouncing Numbers Number Fun How Many? Math Worksheets for 1st Grade Number Mix-Up, Fix-Up Add Up Your Total Marble Math Small Change Snacks Coin Caper Piece O’ Cake Odd n’ Even Don’t Sneak a Peek Greater or Lesser Math Worksheets for 2nd Grade What’s That Number? Freeze! The Cold Facts Pairs of Pears Fraction Action In Between

  6. Starfish Surprise Great Big Bite! Odd n’ Even Bubbles Can You Buy It? What’s the Time? Can Collecting Do You Carry the Ball? Football Fun Math Worksheets for 3rd Grade Will Somebody Get the Door? Power Up Mega Power Surge! More Juice We Need More Power! Pretty Smart, Mort! Place Values Robot Buffet Mort’s Stomachache Math Worksheets for 4th Grade Keys to the Door Enchanted Forest Longing for Division

  7. Vampire Maze Casting a Spell Witch’s Brew Stir It Up Don’t Bug Me Madame Pomreeda’s Powers Unlocking Multiplication Divide and Conquer Boo! Math Worksheets for 5th Grade Addition Mission An Ancient Chinese Puzzle There’s a Pattern Here Decimal Dilemma Let’s Get Some Order In Here! Blender Blunders Who Ordered the Mango Mash? Hooverville Problems Multiplication Stations Subtraction Action Mental Map

  8. SCIENCE RESOURCES Science Activities Invisible Ink Levitating Ice Cubes Make Your Own Butter Make Your Own Thermometer Unearthly Eggs Science Worksheets for 1st Grade Lost in Space! Science Worksheets for 2nd Grade Planet Positions Science Worksheets for 3rd Grade Biosphere Mix-up-Fix-up Biosphere Explorer Science Worksheets for 5th Grade Not Always As It Seems Solid Evidence Conifer Confusion ART & CRAFT RESOURCES Awesome Octopus Beautiful Butterfly Prints Crafty Wind Chime Marble Art Tissue Paper Flowers