how to wash your car manually l.
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Car Cleaning Leicester

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Offers wide range of professional car wash services in Derby, Leicester and Burton regions.

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Car Cleaning Leicester

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how to wash your car manually
How to wash your car manually?

Your car is the valuable possession. To give it a dazzled look, you must keep it dirt and stain-free. If you want to clean your car manually then you must go through these car washing techniques.


The best way to wash your car yourself do follow a few simple steps.

Always wash your car in a shaded area. Don't clean your car in the sun because the sun's heat dry your car quickly and it will leave spots on your car's exterior.

When you start to washing your car, always start from the car's roof & do a little at a time so the soap won't dry on the car.

Use a soft brush, cloth & sponge. Do not use hard brush because hard bristlebrush harm the car paint & it will get scratched.


To properly clean wheels, use all purpose cleaner. Don't use an acid based cleaner. It will permanently damage your wheels shine.

To clean windows use water & vinegar and wipe windows with soft paper.

Dry the car with a soft drying cloth. It dry the vehicle quickly & also protect the car paint.

After complete the car wash process. Check the car from top to bottom. Pay attention to all the parts, making sure there are no dirt or soap left on the car.


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