a few key characteristics of the b2b market n.
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A Few Key Characteristics of the B2B Market PowerPoint Presentation
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A Few Key Characteristics of the B2B Market

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A Few Key Characteristics of the B2B Market - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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According to an Esources review, “Companies have found Esources to be a helpful site that helps in focusing on the target market with the right kind of information”. \n

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b2b or business to business marketing refers

B2B or Business To Business marketing refers to trading of merchandise to companies for use in manufacture/production of goods, for use in business operations or for resale to other customers.

  • B2B marketing differs from B2C or Business To Consumer marketing on three major counts.
  • Lesser number of customers – The number of potential consumers for B2C can run into millions. The number of businesses on the other hand is far less.
  • Transactions are complex – The products and buying processes are complex. The products are bought through an elaborate tendering process and include a thorough evaluation of the technical specifications. The negotiation is often done with strong bargaining.
  • Derivative demand – A good slice of the business demand is derivative of consumer demand. For example, a greeting cards retailer’s demand from the wholesaler declines because of the public’s use of digital media to send greetings.
a few other characteristics of a b2b buyer they

A few other characteristics of a B2B buyer

  • They are more judicious.
    • B2C consumers can often be less informed, disposed to whims, and thoughtless while buying a product. B2B buyers on the other hand are extremely sensible while making a purchase decision. One of the key reasons, perhaps, is that the buying process follows a strict protocol.
  • B2B environments have fewer need based segments.
  • B2B markets have much lower number of need-based segments than for consumer markets. A reason we can think of is that B2B markets have a smaller target audience.
  • The need based segment of the B2B market, however, is very distinctive.
    • It is quality focused – A B2B buyer can regard the final quality of the product to be of paramount importance and may even lower the margins to buy the right merchandise.
    • Partnership focused – A B2B Company seeks trust and reliability and considers its vendors as strategic partners.
importance of relationships in the b2b segment

Importance of relationships in the B2B segment

  • It is not uncommon for a B2B supplier to have customers that have been loyal for several years.
  • The customer base is far fewer than in B2C; as a result, it is easy to develop personal relationships and trust.
  • The direct result of this focus on relationships translates to higher expenditure on people and more modest expenses on other forms of promotion.
  • Trade shows rank high as a promotional tool for most B2B companies.
b2b buyers are long term buyers b2b companies

B2B buyers are long term buyers.

  • B2B companies prefer to work/trade with clients on a long term basis.
  • Long term customers allow businesses to demonstrate their full scope of expertise in delivering value to its clients.

The B2B buying cycle is longer.

  • According to a recent survey, B2B buyers spend more time in researching solutions before making a purchase.
  • It is a fact that most companies have found Esources to be a wonderful resource to search for potential prospects for their products and services.
according to an esources review companies have

According to an Esources review, “Companies have found Esources to be a helpful site that helps in focusing on the target market with the right kind of information”.

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