storm drain inlet protection calgary n.
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Storm Drain Inlet Protection Calgary PowerPoint Presentation
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Storm Drain Inlet Protection Calgary

Storm Drain Inlet Protection Calgary

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Storm Drain Inlet Protection Calgary

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  1. Storm Drain Inlet Protection Calgary

  2. About Us Since 2004, Alberta Sediment and Erosion Control has provided service excellence on construction projects of all sizes. We are an Alberta born and bred company, and service sites from Calgary to Ft. McMurray, including Red Deer, Leduc, Lethbridge, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotokes and Edmonton. Quality is our key value. Our lean operational model keeps costs low for our clients, while we provide ongoing support throughout the construction process without hidden costs.

  3. Our Mission We do it right the first time. We save our clients time and money by ensuring that their job site is fully compliant. We’ve got your back. The Team The team at Alberta Sediment and Erosion Control has over 30 years combined experience. Everyone who steps on a jobsite is a full certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control. We combine a construction background with highly specialized erosion control knowledge and certification to provide top tier service to every client.

  4. Our Services Our service lineup is the most comprehensive in our industry. We pride ourselves on offering a closed-loop lineup of services which allows you to use one company for everything. From consultation and design development to implementation and management, AESC is here for all your erosion and sediment control needs.

  5. #2 BMP Series: Preserving Existing Vegetation When you consider that the natural vegetation that covers the site where construction is to commence is 98% more effective compared to stripping away the vegetation, you can see why keeping the current vegetation in place is the preferred course of action. Existing vegetation is arguably the most secure type of soil protection around, so its preservation should be of the highest order.

  6. #1 BMP Series: Construction Scheduling & Phasing The better you plan your scheduling in terms of construction, the better you can control the erosive elements of wind, water, run-off, and the tracking of vehicles. The schedule for construction should be a written plan that does the following

  7. The schedule for construction should be a written plan that does the following; • Present Order of All Major Land-Disturbing Activities • Identifies Major Construction & Soil Distribution Activities • Proper Time Allotment for Completion of Each Activity • Present Erosion and Sediment Control Practices for Each Activity 

  8. Proper Site Assessment for Erosion and Sediment Control When a property is designated to be the site of construction, the first step is a preliminary assessment to evaluate the erosion potential of the area. This means for erosion and sediment control purposes, the site must be evaluated to determine what potential issues may occur, so that the proper control methods can be put into place. What follows is a step-by-step procedure to evaluate construction sites for erosion and sediment control measures.

  9. Comprehensive Erosion Control: • Silt Fence Installations • Hydroseeding/Hydromulching • Storm Drain Inlet Protection Installation and Maintenance • Street and Sidewalk Sweeping • Sediment Log Installation • Sediment Traps/Rock Check Dams • Soil Stabilization/V-ditch/berms with Check Dams • Erosion Control Blankets/Silpat Mats • Turf Reinforcement Matting • Gravel Pad Installation • Dewatering/Water Pumping • Turbidity Testing

  10. Contact Us 2032 6 Street NECalgary, Alberta T2E 3Z1Tel# (403) 460-0022   Cell: (403) 618-3177Fax:  (403) 474-5002E-mail:

  11. Thank You For Watching Visit Our Website