pedagogical techniques and philosophical issues of ape online courses l.
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Pedagogical Techniques and Philosophical Issues of APE Online Courses PowerPoint Presentation
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Pedagogical Techniques and Philosophical Issues of APE Online Courses

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Pedagogical Techniques and Philosophical Issues of APE Online Courses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pedagogical Techniques and Philosophical Issues of APE Online Courses. What!! Me Teach an Online Course in Adapted Physical Education??. Sherry L Folsom-Meek Minnesota State University, Mankato. What is the world coming to??. I like my classroom. But I also like my computer.

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Presentation Transcript
what me teach an online course in adapted physical education

What!! Me Teach an Online Course in Adapted Physical Education??

Sherry L Folsom-Meek

Minnesota State University, Mankato

what are online classes
What are online classes?
  • 2 major types:
    • Web-based
    • Web-enhanced
  • What delivery programs are available? Usually institutional decision: Desire to Learn, Ucompass Educator, Blackboard, Web CT, etc. There is also freeware available.
why online delivery
Why online delivery?
  • Can reach a broader audience
  • Asynchronous classes pose few or no scheduling problems
  • We faculty need to “get with it;” the students are already there!!
  • Oftentimes instructor is more organized
  • Many students enjoy online learning
why online delivery cont
Why online delivery? (cont.)
  • We can move toward “paperless” direction
  • University initiatives for online courses are present in many institutions of higher education
  • Course instructor has record of exact time students submitted assignments; can close dropboxes after a certain date
  • All materials given to students are the same (versus students missing classes and probably not getting what was covered)
why online delivery cont9
Why online delivery? (cont.)
  • Usually there is good technological support
  • Can attract students from who live long distances from campus and couldn’t otherwise take courses
disadvantages of online classes
Disadvantages of online classes
  • Computer or other equipment malfunctioning
  • Sometimes cyber space delivers files in gibberish
  • Some students are not responsible enough to handle online classes
  • Don’t know your students like those you have in the classroom three times a week
disadvantages of online classes cont
Disadvantages of online classes (cont.)
  • There is a lot of upfront work for instructor (also an advantage)
  • Hard on the eyes especially when using small laptop
can all ape courses in a program be taught online
Can all APE courses in a program be taught online?
  • All APE courses can be Web-enhanced
  • Courses with hands-on components requiring instructor supervision cannot be taught online (in our curriculum we can’t do adapted aquatics, adapted sport, motor development, or assessment online)
how do i get started
How do I get started?
  • Take classes given by your institution
  • Plunge right in--there is no correct time--we who teach online were hesitant before we started teaching a course in this mode
  • Get assistance when you need it
  • Start preparing your course materials. It does take a lot of upfront work.
creating a sense of community in online classes
Creating a sense of community in online classes
  • Have student upload a digital photo of themselves and make a class “yearbook”
  • Use threaded discussions and chats often so that students interact with each other
    • Introduce selves
    • Play introductory games so they get to know each other
  • Have some assignments in which students give each other feedback
would you please give me advice
Would you please give me advice?
  • Change the format of your course(s) you will be teaching online. Do one course at a time.
    • Divide your course into modules.
    • Decide on delivery modes: PowerPoint® lecture, podcasts, video streams, threaded discussions, reading materials, etc.
    • Within each module, prepare your materials.
    • Put syllabus in Word and PDF formats. Give a quiz on the syllabus.
developmental adapted physical education 4 511 course modules
Developmental/Adapted Physical Education 4/511Course Modules

Syllabus and Intro

MS Word files Are you ready for online classes?

MS Word files Syllabus Fall 2006

4/511 Syllabus Quiz

Service Learning

Service Learning Assignment

Service Learning Rubric

Clinical Placement Form

Policies and Procedures

LEEP Web Site

Service Learning Contract

Journal Template

course modules
Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction and Sensitivity to Disabilities

Myths and Facts About Disabilities

Disability Etiquette

Sensitivity to Disabilities Assignment

Simulation Assignment

Simulation Rubric

Module 1: Chapter Study Guides

Chapter 1 Study Guide

Chapter 1 Supplement

Module 2: Legal Bases of PE for SWD

Legal Bases Slide Show

PowerPoint Presentation 504 and Public Schools

Legal Bases Study Guide

course modules18
Course Modules

Module 2: Chapter Study Guides

Ch 2 Study Guide

Ch 3 Study Guide

Ch 6 Study Guide

Ch 4 Study Guide

Module 2: IEP Case Study Assignment

Case Study Assignment

Case Study

Case Study Rubric

course modules19
Course Modules

Module 3: Motor Dev, Psychosocial, and Assistive Technology

PowerPoint Presentation Motor Development Slide Show

Ch 7 Study Guide

PowerPoint Presentation Psychosocial Slide Show

Book/Video Review

Book/Video Review Assignment

Book/Video Review Reading List

Book/Video Review Rubric

511 Only

511 Article Review Assignment

511 Article Review 1 Rubric

511 Article Review 2 Rubric

course modules20
Course Modules

Presentation Assignment

Presentation Schedule

Present Assignment

Presentation Rubric

Presentation Rubric

Module 4: Cognitive/Emotional or Behavioral Disabilities

*PowerPoint Presentation Developmental Cognitive Disabilities Slide Show

*Ch 10 Study Guide (DCD/MR)

*PowerPoint Presentation Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

*PowerPoint Presentation Autism Spectrum Disorders

*EBD and Autism Study Guide

PowerPoint Presentation Traumatic Brain Injury Slide Show

Traumatic Brain Injury Study Guide

course modules21
Course Modules

Module 5a: Neurological Impairments

*PowerPoint Presentation Cerebral

*Cerebral Palsy Study Guide

PowerPoint Presentation Seizure Disorders

PowerPoint Presentation Spina Bifida: Occulta and Meningocele

Spina Bifida: Occulta and Meningocele Study Guide

PowerPoint Presentation Spina Bifida: Myelomeningocele

Spina Bifida: Myelomeningocele Study Guide

Module 5b: Neuromuscular Disorders and Orthopedic Impairments

PowerPoint Presentation Muscular Dystrophy: Duchenne

PowerPoint Presentation Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries Study Guide

PowerPoint Presentation Limb Deficiency Slide Show

PowerPoint Presentation Skeletal Dysplasia Slide Show

course modules22
Course Modules

Module 6: Other Health Disabilities

PowerPoint Presentation Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis Slide Show

PowerPoint Presentation Diabetes Slide Show

Diabetes Study Guide

PowerPoint Presentation Congenital Heart Disease Slide Show

Congenital Heart Disease Study Guide

PowerPoint Presentation Hemophilia Slide Show

Hemophilia Study Guide

*Module 7: Sensory Disabilities

PowerPoint Presentation Visually Impaired Slide Show

Visually Impaired Study Guide

PowerPoint Presentation Hearing Impairment Slide Show

Hearing Impairment Study Guide