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Outsourcing Solutions for JD Edwards

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Outsourcing Solutions for JD Edwards . The CNC Challenge. Agenda. About GSI The CNC Ecosystem Trends in Outsourcing Case Study Questions. About GSI www.gsi-solutions.com. About GSI. Established in July 2004 by former JD Edwards / PeopleSoft Employees

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Presentation Transcript
  • About GSI
  • The CNC Ecosystem
  • Trends in Outsourcing
  • Case Study
  • Questions
about gsi
About GSI
  • Established in July 2004 by former JD Edwards / PeopleSoft Employees
  • Main Office is located in Atlanta, GA with satellite offices nationwide
  • Experienced JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World Consultancy
    • Most on-staff CNC Consultants in North America
    • 100+ years of CNC experience
    • Expert Functional and Development Resources
    • 12+ year relationship with Oracle’s JD Edwards Team
  • JD Edwards Upgrade Specialists
    • Started with original release…B71.4
    • Over 75 successful upgrades and counting
    • First to be trained on EnterpriseOne 9.0 Upgrades
  • Any size projects: staff augmentation to full implementations and upgrades
  • JD Edwards Performance Optimization Experts
  • Local and Global Implementation Experts
about gsi5
About GSI
  • Platform Specialists
    • AS400 / iSeries / i5 / DB2 Specialists
    • UNIX / Linux / Oracle DB Specialists
    • Intel / MS SQL Server Specialists
  • Hardware Reseller
    • IBM iSeries, pSeries and xSeries
  • Oracle Partner and Technology Reseller
  • Fusion Middleware Experts
    • BPEL, OBIEE, Oracle Application Server, Identity Management, Oracle JDeveloper, BI Publisher
  • Third Party Applications
    • ARCTOOLS – ARCTOOLS/400 and ARCTOOLS/EM implementation specialists
    • VERTEX Q-Series implementation specialists
    • Q Software – Premier Implementation Partner
    • JDE Direct
    • Seagull for JD Edwards World
    • Aldon Harmonizer for JD Edwards World
    • Crystal Reports / Business Objects
    • iTerra
the cnc ecosystem7
The CNC Ecosystem
  • Originated in 1996 with the release of B71.4
  • JDE had the experts and they were difficult to engage
  • Only a few partners trained to understand it
  • Coexistence complicated the role
  • No existing methodology for implementation or support
  • Flexibility created complexity
the cnc ecosystem8
The CNC Ecosystem
  • CNC - 1996
    • Windows, iSeries, 3 flavors or Unix (sort of) on 3 platforms
    • SQL Server, Oracle, DB2/400, using static tables
    • Fat client was the best solution. Citrix came later. Web was conceived but poorly executed
    • No system administration tools
    • Basic security
    • Batch file interfaces
  • CNC - 2009
    • Windows, iSeries, 4 flavors of Unix on 4 different platforms
    • SQL Server, Oracle, DB2/400, DB2/UDB,
    • Advanced DB capabilities
    • Web only – WAS or OAS
    • Object Management Workbench
    • Role-based security with Active Directory integration
    • Server Manager
    • Fusion
    • Web services, Real-Time Events
    • Clustering
    • Virtualization
the cnc ecosystem9
The CNC Ecosystem
  • CNC Administration - 1996
    • Very few people understood the importance of this role
    • JDE had the experts and they were expensive and difficult to engage
    • Few partners were trained and none had experts
    • Very few technical documents available
    • CNC Admins had a working knowledge of networks, databases, servers, operating systems, etc.
  • CNC Administration - 2009
    • Most JDE consulting firms understand the importance of CNC
    • More CNC experts can be found outside of Oracle than inside (consultants and customer staff)
    • Some partner firms specialize in CNC (GSI is one)
    • Numerous white papers, technical documents, even a “OneWorld Bible” have been written
    • CNC Admins also need to know performance tuning, scalability, clustering, high availability, disaster planning, virtualization, middleware integration…
the cnc ecosystem10
The CNC Ecosystem
  • What hasn’t changed?
    • CNC is still complex and requires an increasing level of skill to maintain
    • CNC experts are still hard to engage
    • CNC Administrators are still expensive to contract and even more expensive to hire
    • Training and retaining top skills is an ongoing battle
    • Meanwhile Oracle continues to release new technologies requiring more advanced skill sets
why when what where
Why, When, What, Where
  • Why outsource?
    • I need a particular skill and can’t justify an on-staff position
    • I need to lower the overall cost of IT to the business
      • Move some costs from variable to fixed and make the variable more predictable
    • I need to focus on our core competencies rather than managing my information systems
why when what where14
Why, When, What, Where
  • When to outsource?
    • The skill I need is unique and current staff cannot be easily trained
    • The skilled employee has left the company (lay-offs, greener pastures, etc.)
why when what where15
Why, When, What, Where
  • What to outsource?
    • Core functionality – can it be done cheaper?
    • Non-core functionality – allow your team to focus on the core
    • Daily administrative or support roles
why when what where16
Why, When, What, Where
  • Where to outsource?
    • Provider who can start immediately to maximize ROI – no ramp up
    • Provider with established expertise – no training on your dime
    • Provider who does not need a lot of direct management but provides continuous feedback on status
    • Provider who can handle your time frames, time zones, response-time requirements
    • Provider who can add value beyond your current needs - one throat-to-choke model
case study19
Case Study
  • Large beverage service company
  • Two separate JDE systems
    • Xe on iSeries with Citrix clients
    • 8.12 on Windows/SQL with web clients
  • One CNC Administrator
  • Very little change on Xe environment
  • 8.12 system is still in implementation/roll-out mode – seasonal spikes of development
case study20
Case Study
  • Why outsource?
    • Time required to support 2 systems
      • Issue taking multiple days to address
    • Skills required to support 2 systems
      • Expertise did not match the need
    • Other IT projects pulling at resources
    • IT Manager needed to focus on other initiatives
      • Also operated as backup CNC Admin
case study21
Case Study
  • When to outsource?
    • Needed to make changes before busy season kicked in
    • No time to train current CNC Admin – better to re-task
    • No increase in headcount available
case study22
Case Study
  • What to outsource?
    • CNC Administration including:
      • Day-to-day care-and-feeding of Xe
      • Implementation-level support for 8.12
    • Other:
      • SQL Server upgrade/consolidation
      • JDE instance consolidation (large project)
case study23
Case Study
  • Where to outsource?
    • Partner must have proven track record
    • Outsource model must be cost effective (fixed budget)
    • Partner must have integrated help desk
    • Partner must operate in all operational time zones
    • Partner must be proactive in identifying and resolving issues – preferably before they impact the users
gsi solution part 1
GSI Solution – Part 1
  • System Audit – Current Snapshot
    • Deep dive of all systems
    • Establish baselines
    • Document environments
    • Identify immediate areas for improvement
gsi solution part 2
GSI Solution – Part 2

Outsourced Administration

Remote Support Blocks

As needed support for 8.12 system

Budgeted to provide all necessary services during normal operations

Can be scaled up easily during busy season

Advanced troubleshooting, performance, stability analysis

Resolved issues identified in TSA

  • 12x5 support for Xe system in client’s time zone
  • Daily issue management
  • Help desk response with SLA
  • Fixed price
case study26
Case Study
  • Results
    • Issues are being identify, triaged, and resolved quicker than before
      • New issues resolved same day
    • System stability has improved
      • Daily surface tests ensure system is ready for business
    • Scheduled tasks are completed on time
    • Costs have remained within budget
    • IT Manager got to take a vacation!
David Telford

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