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My Island Survival

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My Island Survival - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Island Survival. By: Jessica Rigdon. My survival plan.

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my island survival

My Island Survival

By: Jessica Rigdon

my survival plan
My survival plan

I am floating on a piece of my schooner that recently sunk a few hours ago. I can see my island in the distance, noticing that the wind will allow me to float towards it. Eventually, I make it to my once wonderful home on a deserted, but well known and visited island. Everything on the island is torn apart by the squall that also sunk my schooner. Pulling out my survival guide, I see that I should not panic. Next, I walk around the island and see if anyone is there with me. While I am walking around, I hear something. Is it an endangered species? Islands contain many types of endangered and exotic animals, plants, and trees. I look behind me and see only a bird. While I am reading my survival guide, I see that I need to collect freshwater. I decide to walk around the shore, hoping a plane comes. I see a rope on the edge of the beach. This could be useful if I decide to build a raft.

After being on the island for about one hour, I find enough supplies to build a raft. I laid pieces of wood next to each other tying them together with pieces of strong tree bark. Weaving the palm fronds together after creating the raft, a sail is appearing. I was glad I had saved the rope; it would be good for tying the sail to the raft. I put about ten large rocks on board, testing it so I could find out if it would sink or not. Taking the rocks off after testing, I climbed on and sat down. Making this raft would have been alright, although a large schooner found and rescued me about twenty minutes after leaving.

I am very happy I had my survival guide, and it definitely showed me how to live for a few hours on an island. I also learned some survival facts:

survival facts
Survival facts
  • Do NOT panic
  • Asses the situation and see if you are alone
  • Look on the beaches and see if any items have washed up on shore that could be useful
  • Fresh water is of utmost importantance, it is important that you do not drink anything else
  • You need to drink water before you get thirsty
  • Make sure you take water breaks and force yourself to drink if necessary
  • If water is scarce, drink within reason and look for more freshwater
  • Collect water in a leaf or shell
  • Must boil water from lakes, streams, and rivers
island facts
Island Facts
  • Islands contain a high number of endangered species
  • They have many exotic trees, plants, and animals
  • More than 600 million people live on islands
  • One of every ten people on Earth is an islander
  • 62% mammal, 88% bird, 54% amphibian, 86% reptile, 68% mollusk extinctions on islands
  • Most have many coral reefs
  • Very low elevation levels