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Survival . With your group, read the article. Each person must annotate the article on his or her own.

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  • With your group, read the article. Each person must annotate the article on his or her own.
  • After reading, on a separate sheet of paper, write down 10 items that you would bring in order to survive in the wild. List them in order of importance and write1-2 sentences explaining why your group chose that item and its level of importance.
into the wild research activity
Into the WildResearch Activity
  • Directions:
    • 1. Get into a group of approximately 5 people
    • 2. Each person in your group must read and annotate his or her own copy of the article you are given. Remember, annotation means to show evidence of a close reading- add questions and comments to the article itself.
    • 3. As a group, do the following tasks on one sheet of paper for the group:
        • A. Summarize the article (5-7 sentence paragraph)
        • B. Describe the author’s provable claim, or thesis, in 2-3 sentences
        • C.Describe the tone of the article in 1-2 complete sentences

4. Using your phones, you group will conduct extra research on the topics presented in your article. Based on what you learn, write at least 5 bulletpoints of additional information on your group’s sheet of paper.

5. Write 3-5 sentences explaining your group’s initial impression of Chris McCandless

author s note activity
Author’s Note Activity
  • With a partner, read the author’s note in your books. On a separate sheet of paper, answer the following questions by using 2-3 complete sentences:
    • 1. Why did Krakauer continue to investigate McCandless’ life, even after the issue of Outside magazinewas published?
    • 2. In your own words, explain the three themes Krakauer discovered through investigating McCandless’ story.
    • 3. Why does Krakauer tell us McCandless’ fate on the front cover? What is he trying to draw the audience's attention to? (Think of Shakespeare)
    • 4. In your own words, describe the different attitudes that people have about McCandless.
    • 4. Predict: What is Krakauer’s attitude toward McCandless?
surveying the text
Surveying the Text
  • Read through the short epigraphs that come before the chapters begin (an epigraph is a relevant quotation at the beginning of a book or a chapter, etc.). Using 3-5 sentences each; paraphrase the three epigraphs that stand out to you the most. For each epigraph, write a 2-3-sentence inference that states how this epigraph might have influenced McCandless.
  • Look at the maps and photographs. What can you infer about McCandless’ journey, his personality, and his motivations for going on his journey? (3-5 sentences)
  • Read the chapter titles. How do they relate to the text?
ch s 1 2 reading
Ch.’s 1-2 Reading
  • As we read these chapters, make sure to annotate by taking notes in your composition notebooks.
  • In addition, write down any unfamiliar vocabulary words.
chapter 1 activity
Chapter 1 Activity
  • 1. What is the tone of the postcard? What are his intentions for writing the postcard?
  • 2. Infer: Who is Wayne? Why did McCandless write him a postcard?
  • 3. Who is Jim Gallien?
  • 4. What supplies did “Alex” bring with him?
  • 5. Compare your group’s survival list to the supplies that Alex brought. What can you infer about his character based on the supplies he brought.
  • 6. What does Gallien give to “Alex”? Why doesn’t he report Alex to the Alaska State Troopers?
Ch. 2
  • 1. Read the passage from Jack London. What how does the imagery of the passage influence the tone of the passage? Why would Chris think that Jack London is “king”?
  • 2. How did the bus get there?
  • 3. Who found Chris?
  • 4. How did they get rid of his body?