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Leadership Plenty Training Module I

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Leadership Plenty Training Module I - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leadership Plenty Training Module I Finding Leaders Within Leadership Plenty Assumes that everyone has the ability to be a leader. We all live in communities of Leadership Plenty.

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leadership plenty
Leadership Plenty
  • Assumes that everyone has the ability to be a leader.
  • We all live in communities of Leadership Plenty.
  • Plenty of people with untapped talents to make their communities a better place to live, work and raise families.
  • New thinking, cooperation among all and action for change.
balance reflection action
Balance Reflection & Action

We cannot take action without thinking.

We cannot just think about problems with out taking action.

We need to strike a balance between thinking and doing.

Module I of Leadership Plenty will help you learn to balance reflection and action.


Communities and Individuals learn to reflect – to think critically about their experiences and assets – so that they can take action in meaningful ways.”

communities mobilize
Communities Mobilize
  • Identify potential leaders.
  • Look for leaders in every:
    • Neighborhood
    • Age
    • Ethnic Group
    • Income Bracket
    • Occupation
  • Look within themselves to find the wealth of leaders in their community
leadership plenty6
Leadership Plenty

Is a tool to help individuals tap their expertise and insights that their experience of community has given them.

By reflecting on their own experiences of community people will become more aware of what motivates them to participate in efforts to improve their communities


Leaders look at

what is

and envision

what ought to be

or what could be.


The Leadership Plenty Training Program embraces the idea that only by working in groups can we develop long term solutions to complex problems.

leadership plenty module i
Leadership Plenty – Module I

Finding Leaders Within

module i objectives
Module I - Objectives
  • To connect prior community experiences with the desire to participate as leaders.
  • To recognize individuals leadership skills as part of the “plenty” in Leadership Plenty.
  • To understand the need to balance personal reflection and community action.
guiding questions
Guiding Questions
  • What have been our personal experience of community involvement?
  • How can we creatively use our individual skills to strengthen community leadership?
  • What individual and group techniques help us balance personal reflection and community action?
finding leaders within
Finding Leaders Within
  • In this module you will begin the exploration of leadership development by uncovering your own unique skills and reflecting on your experiences of community.


i came here today because
I came here today because…


3 Groups

& Flip Chart

i came here today because15
I came here today because…?
  • What purpose for being here do we share?
  • What unique purposes surface during the introduction activity?

Have our experiences increased our desire to participate in community leadership or have they served as roadblocks?

river of life
River Of Life….
  • Tool for personal reflection about the forces that motivate each of us to become involved in community change efforts.
  • Connect personal reflections to events that have occurred in the community.
  • Work on individually and then share with someone who you do not know well.
river of life18
River Of Life
  • By Drawing on our personal experiences we can see that we have had positive and negative experiences from community change.
  • We have used individual community experiences to create unique pictures of our individual community involvement.
golden rules of teamwork
Golden Rules Of Teamwork…
  • 1. Help Each Other Be Right – Not Wrong.
  • 2. Look For Ways To Make New Ideas Work – Not For Reasons They Won’t Work.
  • 3. If In Doubt – Check It Out! Don’t Make Negative Assumptions About Each Other.
  • 4. Help Each Other Win And Take Pride In Each Other’s Victories. It’s We, Us, Our; Not They, Them, Their.
  • 5. Speak Positively About Each Other And The Organization.
golden rules of teamwork21
Golden Rules Of Teamwork…
  • 6. Maintain A Positive Mental Attitude No Matter What The Circumstances.
  • 7. Act With Initiative And Courage, As If It All Depends On You.
  • 8. Do Everything With Enthusiasm – It’s Contagious.
  • 9. Whatever You Want, Give It Away – Respect, Recognition, Power, Enthusiasm, Compassion.
  • 10. Don’t Lose Faith – Never Give Up
searching for community leaders looking within
Searching For Community Leaders:Looking Within
  • Most of us want to live in communities where there are plenty of leaders to make things run smoothly. It can be frustrating when no one seems to step forward who is equal to the task.
searching for community leaders looking within23
Searching For Community Leaders:Looking Within
  • There are people working for change in every corner of our communities, whether or not they think of themselves as “leaders.”
searching for community leaders looking within24
Searching For Community Leaders:Looking Within
  • We live in communities of LEADERSHIPPLENTY – that is, with plenty of people with untapped talents who are able to make their communities better places to live and work and raise families.
searching for community leaders looking within25
Searching For Community Leaders:Looking Within
  • Strengthening leadership is about establishing new ways of thinking and new patterns of behavior in a community – rather than hoping that if we just wait long enough or interview enough candidates, the right person will come along with all the answers.
searching for community leaders looking within26
Searching For Community Leaders:Looking Within
  • A vision of LEADERSHIPPLENTY – embraces the belief that there is no lack of leadership in our communities; rather, there is a lack of opportunity for people from different backgrounds to work together to tackle tough issues.
searching for community leaders looking within27
Searching For Community Leaders:Looking Within
  • In what different ways are people from all walks of life working to improve your community?

Flip Chart

balancing reflection community action
Balancing Reflection & Community Action
  • Are these techniques helpful for balancing reflection and community action?
  • Are there any other techniques that should be added?
  • Have you used any of these techniques and would you be willing to share them?
  • Are some of the techniques more difficult to use than others?
balancing reflection community action29
Balancing Reflection & Community Action
  • Form Groups of 6
  • Decide on an issue or shared concern.
  • Stack of Cards in this order:
      • Hope
      • Fear
      • Passion
      • Role
      • Time
      • Money
      • Fact
      • Reality
balancing reflection community action30
Balancing Reflection & Community Action
  • All sandwich ingredients are sandwiched between Hope and Reality…
  • Group create a single sandwich from the best ingredients.
  • Share the results with the rest of the participants.
balancing reflection community action31
Balancing Reflection & Community Action
  • Everyone is a potential leader.
  • Everyone has unique leadership skills that can serve to effect change in the community.
  • Leadership skills and techniques enable us to weave a shared vision and respond to a call for action.