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Boscastle Floods : 2004 PowerPoint Presentation
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Boscastle Floods : 2004

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Boscastle Floods : 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Boscastle Floods : 2004 . By Chris Burgess. Turned Out To Be Something Completly Different Than Usuall. A Nice Early Morning In Boscastle In the Summer of Last Year. A Brief Background .

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Presentation Transcript

Boscastle Floods : 2004

By Chris Burgess


Turned Out To Be

Something Completly Different

Than Usuall......

A Nice Early Morning In

Boscastle In the

Summer of Last Year...


A Brief Background

Situated in the South East of the UK, and the North of Cornwall Boscastle is home to nearly 2000 people and attracts 1.2 Million people per year.

After August 2004, the attraction just disappeared in a flood of changes. The village that is no more than 5 miles long suffered changes that would last a life time.

The aerial map on the right shows various points of interest in the village of Boscastle, 1-7. (Not many I know). The darker shaded area of the map shows where the floods caused most damage. These areas are at the base of the river valley.


The Main Causes Of The Flood

Heavy rainfall had persisted for many days before the floods. The rainfall had collected for days in the boggy marshes around the valley of Boscastle. As the sponges became so full they finally let out when the storms on the Monday morning arrived. From the normal trickle river to huge raging torrents only 4 hours later.

Valley slopes like sponges

Water entering the river from the slopes

Large Rocks symbolize the start of the river

Another amazing picture drawn by Me


The Main Causes Of The Flood : 2

As so much water was entering the river source, water levels began to increase very rapidly.

This then became a rapid torrent. The waves of flood water could not be contained in the banks of the river so it flooded. Firstly taking the bridge and then the road and finally everything in its path.

Including poor Mr Kittens

“Villagers raise stink over sewage”

Unfortunately he didn’t go out with a flush


The Main Causes Of The Flood : 3

  • Natural causes of the floods were:
  • Narrow valley with interlocking spurs
  • 185mm Of rainfall in 5 hours
  • Steep valley sides that encourage rapid runoff
  • Human Factors were:
  • Village developed on flat land of floodplain
  • Natural channel of river has being walled preventing it from adjusting to variations in discharge.

Short Term Effects

  • The short term effects of the flooding are:
  • People are homeless and have no access to money within a week of the flood
  • Damage caused by river to cars and peoples other belongings, also includes their homes
  • Financial difficulties, as will take a long time for the insurance companies to pay for the damage caused.

Long Term Effects

  • The long term effects of the Boscastle floods are:
  • The pain and anguish of the flood in 2004 may still effect people who lost their homes or treasured processions
  • Fear of more freak floods
  • The reputation of the village for being a “Nice place for a walk” has being lost as people are scared of freak weather changes.
  • It will take a long period of time to regain the industries in the area, such as the local shops, tourists are 80% of their customers, now that will change to a small proportion.

What Developments have been completed

  • In the village of Boscastle more people have turned up to help the clean up situation, making all the operations happen a lot more quickly.
  • The environment agency are building flood defuses at the source and at the river base in Boscastle.
  • They are also building the river channels deeper and wider.
  • Insurance companies have finally paid out at 5.4 mil
  • Peoples belongings have being returned and the less damaged buildings have now being completely rebuilt and furnished

Made By Chris

Thought About by Chris

Amazed by Chris

Yes It was BY CHRIS Burgess