a visit to montenegro n.
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A Visit to Montenegro

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A Visit to Montenegro - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Visit to Montenegro. Introduction. History Geography Economy Religion. Map of Montenegro. Size of Connecticut Fertile valleys Rugged Mountains Deep ravines and canyons Sandy beaches along coast. Political Map. Overview of Montenegro’s history.

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  • History
  • Geography
  • Economy
  • Religion
map of montenegro
Map of Montenegro
  • Size of Connecticut
  • Fertile valleys
  • Rugged Mountains
  • Deep ravines and canyons
  • Sandy beaches along coast
overview of montenegro s history
Overview of Montenegro’s history
  • First wave of Slavs came in 6th century
  • Second wave arrived in 7th century
  • Slavs were pagan, but converted to Christianity
  • Fiercely independent for 1000 years
  • Never conquered by the Ottomans
  • Fought with Allies during WW I
old kingdom of montenegro
Old Kingdom of Montenegro
  • The Proclamation of the Kingdom in 1910
  • Ottoman Turks finally leave the Balkan Peninsula, and Serbs unite
later history
Later History
  • Forced into Union of 6 countries to form Yugoslavia; communist rule
  • Union collapsed after death of Tito
  • Forced into uneasy union with Serbia and Kosovo under Milosevic
  • With fall of Milosevic, hopes for independence in 2 years
geography of montenegro
Geography of Montenegro
  • On east side of Balkan Peninsula
  • Lovely beaches on Adriatic coast
  • High ranges of mountains
  • Industrial cities, including Niksic, behind first range of mountains
  • Sub-tropical climate along Adriatic coast
  • Cold winters, hot humid summers inland
  • Since collapse of Yugoslavia, and ouster of Milosevic, many problems
  • Country has fertile land, and many natural resources; oil, gas, coal, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, gold, pyrite, chrome, hydropower - but
  • High unemployment
  • Rising prices
  • Poor work ethic (relic of communism)
  • Widespread stealing and other crime
  • Few markets for shoddy industrial production; lack of interest in farming
  • Hope that independence in 2 years will improve things
religion in montenegro
Religion in Montenegro
  • Most people are Eastern Orthodox
  • Some Muslims, mostly Albanian immigrants
  • No real gospel witness there in last 1000 years
  • 3 church planting works now
  • Pray for this crack in the devil’s hold on Montenegro
niksic pronounced niksheech montenegro s second largest city
Niksic (pronounced Niksheech) Montenegro’s second- largest city
  • Niksic in the 1880’s, and now
  • Air pollution is still severe

The Surbatovich Family

Back Row,L-R

Christian, Josiah James, Amy Joelle, Anna Marie

Seated: Milijana, Vicki

and Stan (Stanisa in Serbian)


Stan’s parents moved from Montenegro to California before he was

born, so he is an American citizen, but grew up speaking Serbian (the

language of Yugoslavia.) He was converted in college, and became a

chaplain in the Navy. He had a vision to

go to Montenegro as a missionary, and

his church sent them out in 1996.

prayer requests
Prayer Requests
  • Helpers to come throughout the year
    • 2 have come this year to help
  • God’s work among young people in Niksic
    • Now running short of young people
  • Influence for 2 university teachers in the church
  • Pray for 3 new families
  • Blessings on Thursday night dinners
  • Anna Marie Surbatovich, at college in NJ
  • House-building: find faithful workers
  • Helper for Milan Djurisic to support his new work
  • Against spiritual darkness
  • Baptisms
    • Pray for at least one this year