Eyelash Extensions – A Little Refresher for Newbies
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Eyelash Extensions – A Little Refresher for Newbies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eyelash Extensions – A Little Refresher for Newbies

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Eyelash Extensions – A Little Refresher for Newbies

If you love using Instagram, then you have probably seen several “before

and after” shots of ladies proudly showing off their eyelashes after getting

lash eyelash extensions. If you are like most women, then you are probably

easily influenced by these pictures because we all know how much you want

to have those lengthy eyelashes as well. You are probably thinking of calling

your local salon right now so you can schedule an appointment to have

those eyelash extensions applied on you. Before you do that though, there

are a few important things that you need to know first.

First, you will want to know the difference between false eyelashes and lash

extensions. These two are not the same, so try not to be confused. Falsies,

which is another term used to describe false eyelashes, usually only last for

about a day while lash extensions are more semi-permanent and can last

you for up to three weeks. Regular touch-ups can ensure that your lash

extensions last you throughout the year, so what is not to like about this?

Eyelash extensions are basically just fake eyelashes that are individually

glued on top of your natural lashes. You should let only an experienced

aesthetician do this for you because the entire process can be pretty tedious

and time consuming. These extensions will eventually grow out along with

your natural lashes, and they also fall off when yours does as well.

You have three types of eyelash extensions to choose from: mink, synthetic,

and silk. Mink is the most expensive of all the lash extension types and could

cost you up to $500 for a complete set. They can extend the fullness and

length of your natural lashes on a semi-permanent basis, which makes it

quite the bang for your hard earned buck.

Just remember that this is a procedure that will take a couple of hours to

complete and can cost you a pretty good sum. You will have to be patient

and avoid any sudden eye movements while the aesthetician goes to work

on you to ensure that everything goes accordingly. You can find more info at