welcome to hot topics formerly known as refresher training l.
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Welcome to “ Hot Topics” … formerly known as Refresher Training!

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Welcome to “ Hot Topics” … formerly known as Refresher Training! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to “ Hot Topics” … formerly known as Refresher Training!. Our Purpose Today Is to Highlight a Variety of Topics That Have Been Identified Through the Business Office and Cluster Meetings. Our Goal Is to Be To the Point While Making This Enjoyable. Thanks For Attending!.

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Our Purpose Today Is to Highlight a Variety of Topics That Have Been Identified Through the Business Office and Cluster Meetings. Our Goal Is to Be To the Point While Making This Enjoyable. Thanks For Attending!


Each of our Correspondents will have a time for questions relative to the topic they are reporting. Should you have specific questions relative to an incident in your area, please hold those questions once we have adjourned.

wsps news


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wsps news6


I’m your host,

Skippy Ledbottom.

our lead story
Our Lead Story…
  • Age Discrimination in question as a ‘Younger’ SPS Staff is considered
  • With this lead story, here’s Chief Hovde Correspondent, Mike Ludwig…
welcome to hot topics training
Welcome to Hot Topics Training
  • Continuous Learning is vital to a thriving organization.
move highlights
Move Highlights
  • SPS Staff are located in both YONG and HOVDE
  • Proposals still accepted at HOVDE – same day service if to HOVDE by 10:00 a.m.
  • New Organizational Structures
  • Open House for YONG
ready aims fire
Ready, AIMS, Fire!
  • Our Chief Bureau Correspondent, Christy Sprinkles reports on targeted efforts in getting AIMS up and out…CHRISTY.
aims website

AIMS Website


sports with matt mad dog clawson14
Sports with Matt “Mad-Dog” Clawson
  • O.T.!!
  • Who are the winners and who are the losers?
  • Mad Dog?

Business Procedures Manual Monthlyhttp://www.adpc.purdue.edu/BPM/BPM/monthpy2.htmBi-Weeklyhttp://www.adpc.purdue.edu/BPM/BPM/biweek.htmCLASSIFICATION OF COST ITEMS - Governmental Blue Bookhttp://www.adpc.purdue.edu/Costing/BPM/cost3.htm

subcontractors contractors in submarines
Subcontractors…contractors in submarines.

Here’s our Oceanography Correspondent, “My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean” Taylor


charging cost tables
Charging Cost Tables
  • To our Utilities Correspondent, Leslie Vogel.
  • Leslie, I see you’ve included a photo of your husband. What’s up with that?
badges we don t need no stinkin badges
“Badges…we don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”
  • Our Western Correspondent, Jenny Siemers.
  • Uh, Skippy, that’s budgets, not badges.
prior approval website http www adpc purdue edu sps html prior html
Prior Approval Websitehttp://www.adpc.purdue.edu/SPS/html/prior.html
web errific resources
Web-errific Resources!
  • With yet another shot of her husband, Leslie Vogel…Leslie!
to the travel desk
To the Travel Desk
  • Our Travel Correspondent, reporting all the way from Istanbul, Turkey, Joma Roe…Joma.
Important Websites: http://www.adpc.purdue.edu/SPS/html/travelspsfunds.html http://www.adpc.purdue.edu/Travel/spons1.htm#allowability
now to the garment district on the upper east side
Now, to the Garment District on the Upper East Side…
  • And our Clothing Accounts guru, Matt “Mad Dog” Clawson with this story.
  • Matt, being a sports guy, you’re pulling double duty?!
staying with closing accounts
Staying with Closing Accounts
  • Our Gardening Expert, Joma Roe on Hugging Cucumbers.
  • Joma!
  • “That’s Encumbrances, Skippy!”
and finally news of a family feud
And finally, news of a Family Feud…
  • The Hatfields and McCoys…Purdue and IU. All legitimate feuds.
  • But today’s story is on 670 vs. 671
  • Our Human Interest correspondent, Jenny Siemers.
wsps news thanks you for making research @ purdue thrive
WSPS News Thanks You for Making Research @ Purdue Thrive!
  • Join us next time for more, up to the minute, late breaking news that rocks your world.
  • This is Skippy Ledbottom saying… Search and Research!
wsps news correspondents41
WSPS News Correspondents
  • Jeff Buchanan, Sponsored Programs
  • Matt Clawson, Psych. & Foreign Lang. Bus. Ofc.
  • Mike Ludwig, Sponsored Programs
  • Joma Roe, Physics Business Office
  • Jenny Siemers, Sponsored Programs
  • Christy Sprinkles, Sponsored Programs
  • Bonnie Taylor, Sponsored Programs
  • Leslie Vogel, SPS/Discovery Park