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Create A Beautiful, Functional Living Space Out Of Basement PowerPoint Presentation
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Create A Beautiful, Functional Living Space Out Of Basement

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Create A Beautiful, Functional Living Space Out Of Basement
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Create A Beautiful, Functional Living Space Out Of Basement

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  1. Create A Beautiful, Functional Living Space Out Of Basement

  2. Synopsis • Ideas for Revamping the Basement • The Steps for Basement Renovations • The Main Benefits Of Basement Renovations • The Major Basement Renovations • Should I Add a Game Room to the Basement? • Basement Renovation Checklist • Typical Challenges of Basement Renovations and What to Do About Them • 10 Must Do's to Beat Basement Blues

  3. Ideas for Revamping the Basement • Turn it into personalized Home Theatre • Most persons are easily blown away by the prospect of visiting a cinema. If you are one of such persons, you have the opportunity of bringing that electrifying cinema experience to your home by simply transforming your basement into a home theatre. Apart from its enormous space advantage that is guaranteed of accommodating all of your audio and visual instruments, the basement also gives you a good soundproofing option for your home theatre. • Expanded Family Space • Are you part of a very large family that barely manages its living space? If yes, why not consider turning that basement beneath your home into an additional or an extended living space. • Elbow room (Wo)Man Cave • Have you heard of the elbow room concept? This is a room that is reserved for just Dad and his friends. It's a male-only zone most of the time. Here they get to relax and discuss in private far from the chaotic environment of kids running around or wives cutting in on their discussion. This is something you'll love to own in your home but its required space often makes the dream unrealistic.

  4. Ideas for Revamping the Basement • Adult Wreck Room • Turning your basement into an adult wreck room where you and your wife can go and have a nice time is one other good idea for basement renovation. Your kids could barge into your room unannounced while you are in the middle of a great loving making romp with your wife. You won't want to see the reaction on their faces. • Getting Started! • Before setting out on your basement renovation work, you must bear in mind that; building codes have to consider however that depends on your location and what you intend to transform your basement to. In addition, certain features like the basement wiring, plumbing, heating, and cooling are supposed to be seriously evaluated too.

  5. The Steps for Basement Renovations • Framing • This involves erecting frames and building walls. Before putting up the frames makes sure the height of the basement is the right height. If not, the floor can be dug and reconstructed. In addition the frames strengthen the ceiling. • Electrical installation • The basement may need power and a proper electric installation can be beneficial. This installation may include plugs, lighting, and conditioners. Electrical installation has been considered the most expensive step in renovations of the basement. • Plumbing • This step involves a lot of consultation from the professionals. To avoid trial and error or fixing pipes wrongly, a plumber can help out.

  6. The Steps for Basement Renovations • Drywall • This step helps to cover all the above steps with a clean finishing. It may require you to get professional since the work is sensitive and may require specific tools. Also you will reduce chances of errors. • Painting • Next you have painting job for the basement. If you opt to do the painting yourself, purchase a roller. Rollers are better and fast to work with than brushes. You can also hire a professional painter. • Floor • Finally the final phase is the floor. Once you have decided on the type of floor you prefer for the basement find a person with experience to do the work. The kind of renovation being done can also give the type of floor that is favourable.

  7. The Main Benefits Of Basement Renovations • Clear space • Renovating the basement is like creating another room in your house. Since the basements are usually large spaces, remodelling will certainly increase the liveable space. Additionally when the renovation is complete the created space will decongest the house, thus clear space in the larger house. • Value of the Resale • Renovating your basement should not be the reason in order to resale the property. However renovations done have show to increase the value of the house. Additionally the type of remodelling done to your basement can greatly affect the price. • Hangout joint • The renovated basement can also act a place where the entire family leisurely hung out. For instance a movie theatre in the basement where the family hangout together and watch a movie.

  8. The Main Benefits Of Basement Renovations • In expensive project • Basement renovations have an already build structure compared to the other renovations. Which in many cases may require erecting structures such as walls and ceilings? • Income • Generally, the type of idea you implement for your basement renovation can also provide you with an income. For example, you may decide to rent out the basement room and be receiving wages. • Additionally you may install your workshop, or any other home-based business. • Maximizing living space • Removing the basement can be beneficial since it add you extra room to the house. The congestion is also minimized.

  9. The Major Basement Renovations • Storage Room • The basement can act as a storage room and be renovated into a orderly clear room. Therefore the type of thing stored will determine storage facility. For instance, tools will require a different facility from files and books. Most people choose storage to create space in the other rooms. • Entertainment centre • This can be a game, movie, or recreational room for the family. Thus the type of entertainment desired by the owner can be installed in the basement. However the size of the basement can dictate the type of entertainment that can be installed. The most common types of entertainments include, children play room, play-station room, pool table, Movie Theatre, and gym. • In addition, the space can be renovated and maximize the space thus accommodate more than one entertainment tool.

  10. The Major Basement Renovations • Bedroom • Most of the basement converted to a bedroom is normally small in size. Hence best creates a resting space for visitor or a member of the family. The space is fully utilized and can accommodate compartments for keeping clothes and the bathroom. • Office • Renovating the space to an office is common for people who are looking for alone time to work on personal projects. Thus the basement serves as the correct space. Additionally the office comes with an organized library. • Bar and kitchen room • In addition to the common renovation, a bar and kitchen are installed. The bar can be created and have storage for drinks. • The ideas for renovation are diverse and can be customized to fit area of personal speculation. For instance some individual have converted their basement to a brewing plant.

  11. Should I Add a Game Room to the Basement? • Will a Game Room fit into my Basement? • This is the first question you will need to ask yourself before embarking on the project. Answering this question should involve checking your basement for certain conditions like moisture, dust, rodents, termites etc. If your basement have these things you can get rid of them by engaging in a do-it-yourself process or get the services of professionals to address these issues • What type of Games will suit my basement? • This is another decision you have to make before undertaking the basement renovation. Bear in mind that, your choice has to depend upon the following features of the room; layout, size, etc. There a lot of games that might fit perfectly to your basement such as Ping-Pong, Pool, you can also have a console game like Xbox, Sega, Playstation etc installed in your basement alongside a big screen television and a surround sound system.

  12. Should I Add a Game Room to the Basement? • Pinball machines are also a nice game choice for your basement especially if you have kids in your home. Because they (kids) have an affinity for games of this nature. You can also consider games like air hockey or pool tables. Bear in mind that, more games in your basement translates to more fun for you, your household and guests. • As a game room, how comfortable will my basement be? • For you to be able to have fun and enjoy the games in your game room, you have to be guaranteed of optimum comfort while in your basement. After all, the whole idea of a game room was as a result of the quest for comfort. Therefore make it count by putting features in place that will make your basement comfortable. Put in place comfortable chairs and cushions that will accommodate and make you and your host comfortable. To make it more cozy by having a fridge in place and also make available snacks for persons who enjoy having it while playing games.

  13. Basement Renovation Checklist • The height of your ceiling: • The lowest that your ceiling can be should be 6.8 feet high, and it should also have a headroom just below the top of the frame and the ductwork. • Make sure your walls, slabs and footings are in good condition: • To enable you to achieve a good result with your basement renovation work, you have to be sure that your walls, slabs, and footings are in good conditions. Check for issues like cracks, crumbling and powdery mortar and concrete and get experts to address them. • Floors: • If your foundation was built on a disturbed soil, you might at some point in time experience sinking and also the lifting up of your concrete floors. So you'll need to call in an expert to analyze and address the issue.

  14. Basement Renovation Checklist • Check for harmful gasses: • Before carrying out a basement renovation work, you have to as a matter of necessity get a professional to check for harmful gases(methane, radon etc) in your soil. • Check the humidity level: • Undertaking this action is very important as excessive humidity is one of the most dreaded and harmful effects that can cause severe damage to your basement. • Pests: • Fumigate your basement to keep it safe from the harmful effect of rodents and insects. These pests have the capability of causing severe damage to your basement.

  15. Typical Challenges of Basement Renovations and What to Do About Them • Challenge 1-Low Beams • The reason why basements have low lights is that the windows are often too low to get in contact with daylight. Therefore maximizing ceiling height becomes your only alternative to avoiding such occurrence but however achieving this is not an easy feat thanks to low beams or ductwork. • Challenge 2-Posts in Awkward Locations • When you have posts in awkward positions in your basement it ruins the beauty and convenience of the place. The fact is, posts are the shoulders on which the load of the entire structure is resting. Therefore what this implies is that you can't just remove them without an impact on the entire structure. • Challenge 3-Musty Smells in the Area • It's a well-documented fact that moist is one of the most dreaded and destructive factors of the basement, and it can be easily felt through the smell it exudes. • Challenge 4-Cracking in the Foundation Walls or Flooring • Cracking in foundation walls or floors are common things in buildings. This is because the structure is always exposed to different temperature and environmental condition which most times causes it to contract or expand. So when this happens to your building you might start to witness cases of moisture creeping into your basement.

  16. 10 Must Do's to Beat Basement Blues • Get a code in your head • Ensure that you adhere to the necessary statutory obligations especially your local building codes. Failure to adhere might result in you being slammed with a heavy fine. Therefore before going ahead with your basement remodel work ensure that you get the important "all clear" signal from the relevant authorities. • Keep it dry • The is nothing beautiful about a basement that leaks water. You don't want to be checking the weather channel frequently just because you are scared of the damage that a heavy downpour will do to your basement. To avoid this disaster, you have to ensure that you take necessary steps to check for clogged downspouts which could result to overflow of eaves and when this happens you will notice a pool around your foundation. • Raise the floor • Raising your floor and installation of a vapour barrier during basement renovation is one sure way of ensuring that the floor is kept warm, dry, and comfortable especially for family and visitors that love walking around on barefoot. • Use Suspended Ceiling Tiles. • In order to achieve a beautiful basement make use of the suspended ceiling tiles, it's far more alluring than having a drywall. The suspended tiles also come in handy because it can be easily pulled out whenever there is need arise to do plumbing or electrical works via the walls. • Avoid the vapours • Consider vapours as plagues that should be avoided by all means. Therefore this is why you have to make the installation of a vapour barrier an integrate part of your basement renovation.

  17. 10 Must Do's to Beat Basement Blues • Keep it warm with Baseboard heating. • Due to the location and nature of basements, they are arguably the coolest part of the entire house. So to keep it warm and conducive you have to install a heating system like the electric baseboard heating. The good thing about the electric baseboard heaters is the fact that, it's very easy to install and affordable too. • Light up with a Recessed lighting • Normally, basement are known for their creepy low light which is due to its location. During your basement renovation, you can light up the whole place by installing a recessed lighting. • Shoot some studs • Instead of subjecting yourself to the cruel effect of driving nails into walls with a hammer you can choose to have studs instead by using shotguns to fire the bullets into the walls. • Install furs • Installing high-grade metal furring strips on your basement walls will help your basement resist the damaging effects of moisture on your basement walls. • Go naked • Basement renovation is often times cooler when features like furnace, utility rooms are left out of the project. Therefore leave the basement surrounding bare and rather add a thrilling feature like a bar to it.

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