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Cosmetology For A Beautiful Living PowerPoint Presentation
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Cosmetology For A Beautiful Living

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Cosmetology For A Beautiful Living

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Cosmetology For A Beautiful Living

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  1. Cosmetology For A Beautiful Living

  2. For many of us looking perfect remains a dream but for a few others it is everything. The aging scars, droopy skin, wrinkles, dry skin is as big a concern as any infectious disease. Irrespective of the reasons why one may want to look the best at all times, there are many ways to help them address different beauty related requirement. Here are some good ones to try.

  3. Facials: Dermatologist believe that getting a facial at least once a month, at homes are beauty clinics definitely helps in getting a natural grow and shine on the face • Facials are excellent at all seasons as they involve multiple activities that will cleanse the skin, moisturizes and supplies essential nutrients that would make the facial cells active and healthy

  4. Fat injection is yet another technique in which fat is infused into the facial muscles to add volume. The fat is extracted from ones own body and injected as part of cosmetic surgery • Fat injection techniques is definitely a good option, however the results may not last long if you don’t consult your doctor regularly, as they tend to get absorbed by the body as a result of metabolism

  5. Sculptra Plano is a technique in which a synthetic substance used as a derma filler to fill the gaps of facials muscles thereby making it appear supple, full and healthy. • They are most commonly administered to hide wrinkles, Marionette lines, smile lines, signs of ageing and related depressions on the face and forehead. • Silicone Gel Breast implants are artificial cells filled with silicone gel that would be surgically implanted into a women’s breast to enhance, correct and/or replace the existing one as a cosmetic surgery or as a result of injury and other disease.

  6. A New Reflection Cosmetic Surgery 17110 Dallas Pkwy, Suite 100 Dallas, Texas, US -75248 PH: 972-380-7090