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Male Fertility and the Use of Jockstrap PowerPoint Presentation
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Male Fertility and the Use of Jockstrap

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Male Fertility and the Use of Jockstrap
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Male Fertility and the Use of Jockstrap

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  1. Male Male Fertility Fertility A And nd T The he Use Use O Of f Jockstrap Jockstrap Jockstraps have been a great asset to sportsmen in the majority of sports and this is the reason men prefer wearing it during sporty activities like baseball, hockey, football and so on. Initially designed for cyclists, jockstraps served the only purpose which was to reduce strain and injury in the groin area. Apart from providing support and protection, , “ “Jockstraps Jockstraps can can actually actually help help lower lower the the rate rate of of infertility infertility” ” as per recent health and medical studies. Jockstraps featuring a supportive cup are designed to lift away male genitals from the body and keep them away from the cycling seat. It has been identified that when a Jockstrap is worn and male

  2. genitals are supported slightly away from the body, the temperature in the scrotum turns down. This reduction enables sperm to thrive and level of male infertility to get reduced. Male genitals are found outside the body, rather than inside female reproductive organs because the temperature required to encourage effective sperm growth is slightly below the average temperature of human body. The scrotum located outside the body where the temperature is very slighter. Wearing a Jockstrap and pulling the scrotum even further away from the body can reduce the temperature to a level which is closer to the perfect temperature for a healthy sperm. This allows more sperm to get produced and maintained until they are required for conception. With so many other factors, the type of underwear one wears equally contributes to an increase in temperature surrounding to the groin. The increase in popularity of Jockstraps made from soft, smooth fibers which trap heat more effectively next to the body has contributed to this increase in temperature which could be eradicated with the use of natural and breathable fabric like Cotton, Polyester, Spandex, Nylon and so on.

  3. Men’s fashion is constantly evolving with latest technologies that manufacture designs created with tight fitting which increases the temperature in this region. By keeping your underwear less constrictive and looser, it is definitely possible to maintain a healthy temperature for sperm in this area. Besides, the underwear one wears, there are other factors like the changing lifestyle which contributes a lot to this issue. As we spend more time sitting for longer hours in front of computer or while driving, this in turn leads to increased temperature being experienced. When you sat down your genitals are usually trapped between your legs or squashed into your body which means that the temperature in this area increases and becomes less ideal for development of sperm. To prove the medical studies themselves have revealed that, “ men who sit constantly for longer time period have on average a very low sperm rate than other males as they spend so much time within their scrotum warmed by their body.”

  4. Whether it’s about increasing your performance at the sports or for medical concerns, Jockstraps are and have always been the most functional underwear style for athletic men. Shop at Agacio, where you will get a huge assortment of men men’ ’s s jockstrap jockstrap underwear underwear designed for fashion, support and comfort.