7 critical security issues for planning an event n.
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7 Security Issues for Event Planning PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Security Issues for Event Planning

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7 Security Issues for Event Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In this SlideShare, 7 Critical Security Issues are mentioned, which comes while planning the event. A SlideShare by Security Guard San Jose. Our Website: (www.securityguardsanjose.com).

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7 Security Issues for Event Planning

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    1. 7 Critical Security Issues for Planning an Event Providing 24/7 security is a major challenge. When it comes to special events, the stakes are high all-time. Such events introduce a whole new range of security issues for event security services to consider. As an event planner, you need to take some of these security issues into account. Here’s a look at seven of them.

    2. 1. Planning Events with a large number of VIP attendees require careful planning. This should be done by an expert with the necessary insights. As an event planner, you should consult an expert security company to chalk out a preliminary security plan for your event. Make sure to document all procedures and notes throughout your planning process and to communicate the said plan to the relevant security personnel.

    3. 2. Inspection Proper screening equipment should be used onsite. The equipment should be in-line with the desired security level at the event. If you have to rely on any new security equipment, it is best to have it properly installed and tested before the event begins. Operators should be sufficiently trained to handle such equipment. If your security provider is procuring cameras, monitors and other equipment from certain brands, make sure to check whether such brands are reliable or not.

    4. Depending upon the level of security and normal procedures relating to access control, there should be clear guidelines as to authorization. This means that only authorized personnel should be given access to certain sensitive areas of the venue. All off-limit areas should be kept safe from unauthorized access at all times. 3. Authorization

    5. 4. Communication Special events often require the event organizers to liaise with some external departments. These departments may include the local police, fire station, and hospital staff. Before hosting your event, make sure to get in touch with the relevant legal authorities, inform them of the event and request them to make the necessary external security arrangements. All instructions and requests should be communicated, in writing.

    6. 5. Procedures From natural disasters to rowdy attendees to any health-related emergencies, you should have a contingency plan for everything that could go wrong at the event. Full contingency plans will help address all issues on a proactive basis and prevent any security problems from arising.

    7. Beyond the planning itself, all the key security personnel should conduct training sessions in order to address all potential problems that can arise. This training will test the communication and response plans for every concerned participant. The bigger the event, the more the participants and the more time your security company will need to train their staff. 6. Training

    8. Security is an important aspect of any event. However, there are instances when the provision of security means encroachments of some personal freedoms. For instance, installing cameras in sensitive areas may be a good idea from a security perspective, but it can compromise an individual’s need for privacy. For these reasons, it is necessary to invest in training the security (as well as your own) staff on key security issues and how to address them without compromising on personal freedom. 7. Rights

    9. DESCRIPTION San Jose’s Trusted Security Guard Company. If you own or manage a business, residential community, construction site or special event planning company in San Jose, consider enhancing your security by hiring a private security guard. Give us a call today at (510) 742-8000. Address: 31790 Hayman Street Suite AHayward, CA 94544 Web: http://www.securityguardsanjose.com/