4 measures you need to take to secure your warehouse
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4 Measures you Need to Take to Secure your Warehouse

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4 Measures you Need to Take to Secure your Warehouse - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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With many growing businesses, the need to maintain security over your warehouse becomes a primary concern. You can\'t afford to have missing product or materials when you\'re struggling with order fulfillment.\nSource : http://www.securityguardsanjose.com

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With many growing businesses, the need to maintain security over your warehouse becomes a primary concern. You can't afford to have missing product or materials when you're struggling with order fulfillment. Your reputation and profit rely on keeping the premises safe. Here are some crucial steps to keeping your warehouse secure.
1 require guests to sign in
1. Require Guests to Sign In

Any secure business requires a sign-in for all visitors, even family of employees, job applicants, or contractors. Post a sign at all entrances to let guests know they must stop at the front desk to fill out a log with their names and contact info, purpose of visit, and be issued an easily-recognized "VISITOR" badge. This should be the practice, even with special event security such as company celebrations or client conferences. For added security, you might also want to check IDs and note arrival and departure times.

2 multiple forms of surveillance
2. Multiple Forms of Surveillance

Proper business security involves constant surveillance. Video cameras at every point of access, offices, high-value product locations, and wherever visibility is poor such as long aisles, blind corners, and tall storage cabinets. A company culture that encourages security; awareness and vigilance among employees is also important. Security alarms and sensor-activated lights and cameras should also monitor the exterior and any vehicle parking.

3 security guards
3. Security Guards

Nothing beats eyes and ears and trained security guards on the premises, especially at night and on weekends when there a few or no regular employees on hand. Just having a security patrol around the grounds can discourage intruders and thieves. A security agency can provide both armed & unarmed guards who can monitor other forms of surveillance and respond quickly to any security threat.

4 uniforms and name badges
4. Uniforms and Name Badges

One of your best investments is a modern, automated security system. All employees should be issued name badges that include coded magnetic strips so that they become card keys for quick scans at secured checkpoints and doors. Different colors and styles of uniforms or coveralls can be issued to distinguish between warehouse employees, maintenance workers, and security. The combination of badge and uniform makes it that much harder for intruders to impersonate employees.

While multiple levels of security can keep your property safe, hiring security guards is the best deterrent. The visible presence of active, uniformed security guards generally scares off petty criminals, while trained security personnel can react appropriately to any emergency situation.
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