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How to reset Acer recovery password? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to reset Acer recovery password?

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How to reset Acer recovery password?
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How to reset Acer recovery password?

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  1. How to reset Acer recovery password? Acer Repair Centre Perth

  2. The first few steps pertain to locating and revealing the recovery partition: • Step 1: You need to access the Diskpart Command prompt. Acer always hides the custom passwords in any system’s PQService. To reveal that division, it is necessary to use diskpart utility. It allows deep scanning of the system and consequently brings up any hidden disk divisions. To access diskpart; go to start -> run ->cmd -> type in diskpart. This will direct you towards the diskpart prompt.

  3. Step 2: type in rescan in the diskpart prompt to scan the system. You would be prompted with a finished message after the scanning completion. At this point, type in listdisks to reveal the available disks. Then type “select disk 0” • Step 3: Now, you have to sort out the recovery partition among the listed disk. To accomplish this, type in “list partition”. It would avail you with the partition lists. Among them, there would be a disk with no name with an approximate size of 10GB. Concur to its serial number and type in “select partition (serial number)”.

  4. Step 4: This step would entail unhiding the division. The PQService partition would either be of type12 or type27. Use “set id=07 override” for type 27 division and “set id=0B override” for type 12 one. • Step 5: In this step, you got to view your PQService partition. On the command prompt, type in “select disk 0” to return to the PQservice entailing disk followed by “list volume”, to select the disk contents. Afterwards, type in “select volume (number)” to assign the PQService partition a new drive letter. Assign the letterhead by typing in “assign letter Z ”

  5. Now the steps entail the resetting eRecovery password • Step 6: If you have performed the previous tasks in an adequate fashion, you might be able to access PQService now. Open PQ, navigate to the drive entailing PQService, and find the file ‘amris.dat’, through the contextual menu open this file in a text format, through either notepad or txt.

  6. Step 7: This file would entail the password. Open the file and press “ctrl+h” to find “Password=Password name”. You would notice a line that reads “Hint=password hint” with that too. • Step 8: Modify the values past “=” in the searched phrases. Your password would be reset.

  7. These steps explained are fairly understandable, but one might get stumped dealing with some of the technical terms. If you require more assistance, contact Acer Laptop Repair Centre Perth1800-431-355.

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