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sportsmanship a team approach n.
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NYSPHSAA Sportsmanship presentatIon (2014) PowerPoint Presentation
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NYSPHSAA Sportsmanship presentatIon (2014)

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NYSPHSAA Sportsmanship presentatIon (2014)
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NYSPHSAA Sportsmanship presentatIon (2014)

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  2. Ro-sham-bo

  3. Athletic directors are the “generals” Informs and provides insight to superiors Establish a philosophy with coaches Initiates programs and messages athletes Visibility

  4. NYSpHSAA Initiatives TWC Stay in the Game NAIA 5 Star Leadership

  5. Battle of the Fans Norwich City School District Section 4

  6. Athletic Directors are the “Generals” Coaches make it happen“Great Coaches are Great Teachers

  7. Coaches Behavioral Checklist I praise kids for participating I look for positives, and make a big deal out of them I stay calm when kids make mistakes – help learn I have reasonable and realistic expectations I treat kids with respect – avoid put-downs, sarcasm I remind kids not to get down on themselves I remember not to take myself too seriously during the game I emphasize teamwork I am a role model for positive sportsmanship

  8. Teaching Sportsmanship Be a good role model Emphasize sportsmanship from the beginning Talk about emphasizing seriousness & playfulness Develop positive traditions Perspective of other players Guidelines for handling unsportsmanlike behavior Reinforce good sportsmanship Players should know the rules Communicate importance of sportsmanship to fans Don’t forget to have fun!!!

  9. “Players are the focus”Athlete Checklist I abide by the rules of the game I try to avoid arguments I share in the responsibilities of the team I try to include and encourage my teammates in the game I always play fair I follow the directions of the coach I respect the other team’s effort I accept the judgment calls of the officials I end the game smoothly

  10. Involving Parents as Partners Invite a few parents to participate on a citizenship committee Identify citizenship values Send letter to all parents, explaining citizenship program and values Invite all parents to a pre-season meeting

  11. 10 Things Kids Say They Don’t Want Their Parents to Do Don’t Yell out instructions Don’t put down officials Don’t yell at me in public Don’t yell at the coach Don’t put down my teammates Don’t put down the other team Don’t lose your cool Don’t lecture me about mistakes after the game Don’t forget how to laugh and have fun Don’t forget it is just a game

  12. Spectators: Building Pride in Positive Support A positive, enthusiastic crowd can enhance the excitement of a contest A negative, abusive crowd can ruin a contest atmosphere and insight problems Positive planning may produce positive support “Be Loud Be Proud Be Positive”

  13. Cheers and Chants Acceptable – Focus on your OWN team and players • Let’s Go (insert school name) • De-Fense • Go – Fight – Win Cheer • I believe … • Victory Cheer • Work with Cheerleading Squads!!!! Out of Bounds – Avoid directing toward other team and officials • Warm –up the bus • You can’t do that • We can’t hear you • Na, Na, Na, Hey , Hey Good - Bye

  14. Officials – Forgotten teammate NYSPHSAA requires officials to enforce all sportsmanship rules for athletes and coaches Control the expectations of the game Positive communication is the key

  15. Sportsmanship “We Can Make it Happen” NFHS resources • Free Courses – Sportsmanship & The Role of the Parent, Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment, Engaging Effectively with Parents, Teaching and Modeling Behavior NYSPHSAA resources • Sportsmanship Matters Brochure • Section Sportsmanship representatives • NYSPHSAA Sportsmanship Liaison NYSED resources • Education Frameworks for Interscholastic Athletics

  16. Questions???? Todd Nelson (518)690-0771 tnelson@nysphsaa.org