A feature packed field staff location tracking software for small businesses
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9AM,Field Staff Real Time Tracking Software tracked the real time location of field staff and information send to the admin. You can know that where is your field staff and where is your asset also.The application work on Linux/Windows and Smartphone also. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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A feature packed field staff location tracking software for small businesses

The field staff tracking software India is a big help for the businesses

working in service sector that includes AC/refrigeration, electrician, plumbing

and sample collection from patients and clinics. A service company works

with a team that remains in the field. The team members are assigned job

from central office where a manager that is most likely owner of the firm

manages jobs.

The manager gets jobs from clients and he forwards the jobs to employees.

His objective is to get the jobs completed ASAP. He calls the field staff to

determine their location and availability for new jobs and then assigns the

jobs according to his findings. He relies on mobile phone for quick

connection with his team members. Voice calls are made for communication

and job details are assigned over text messages.

The field staff location tracking software can reduce the load of

communication. The software can show real time location of the employees

on a map and also it can help in determining availability of the staff

members. The application makes an online platform where the manager can

see the employees and determine their location. The software uses GPS for

tracking field staff and it automatically switches to cell tower configuration

where GPS isn’t available.

The manager can easily see where his employees are and assign them jobs

on the software. He only needs clicking on an employee on the software to

assign him job. The employee will see the job details on his phone and also

he will see client location on a map. There will be no questions to ask

regarding job or client location as he will get complete information in the


The field staff tracking software India can help in providing satisfactory

customer service as the manager can see which employee is closest to which

client before assigning jobs. Also the manager can see which employee is

available for new job. The employees can update their job details like

starting and closing time of jobs on the software. The manager can see the

details and determine availability of employees from the details.

By updating their job details on the software, the employees will make

online timesheets and save time lost in making and maintaining timesheets.

Also they can mark their attendance from field instead of going to office for

attendance. Use of software will bring speed and transparency to the process

and it will cost only INR 149 per employee/per month the business owner.

Biggest advantage of the small businesses field staff location tracking software is that

can generate bills in an error free manner. Also it can add overdue payment

to the present bill. The manager only needs adding his service charges and

applicable taxes to the software to generate online bills. The software will

keep record of payments to add overdue payments to the bills. The clients

can see the bills and sign the bills after making payment. The software is of

great use for small and medium size businesses that rely on mobiles for

tracking field staff.