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Mayer - World History - Syllabus

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Mayer - World History - Syllabus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mayer - World History - Syllabus

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This class will cover the history of the world from the beginning of earliest human development, civilization, and written history to modern day. We will discuss the decisions and actions of the past and how they affect the world today. The class will follow Orange County Public Schools guidelines and pacing instructions to cover the necessary information.
course objective
Course Objective
  • The purpose of this course is to increase your knowledge of the history of the human race and how the world we live in came to be. We will also use World History to practice useful skills that will translate into tools you can use in this class and beyond such as; incorporating technology into your work, reading and writing clearly and on topic, and being able to read and understand different types of documents such as graphs, charts, maps, and original documents.
  • In order to be successful in this class you will need certain things:
  • A 3 ring binder to organize your notes and materials is highly recommended.
  • Writing utensils(Blue or black pen/pencil), Notebook paper, 1 200-pack of 3x5 notecards.
  • The responsibility to come to class every day and complete assignments on time.
  • Internet access.
  • Art supplies and library access. (on certain occasions)
  • In this class all assignments are graded on a percentage scale.
  • Formal assessments(Unit Tests) = 50%
  • Written assignments(Poems, Essays, Free Writes, Creative Writing) = 20%
  • Informal assessments(Projects, posters,

quizzes) = 20%

  • Homework/Classwork(Worksheets, Vocabulary Activities) = 10%
  • Total = 100%
  • All work will be collected and graded to check for understanding and mastery. Assignments will be chosen by the instructor’s prerogative forfactoring into final grades.
  • Grades of 70% or above will be considered mastery of the learning goal or objective for a lesson. Any score of 70% or below on a formal assessment will be cause for remediation, and you will be given review materials to help reinforce the material before a retake of the assessment is given.
  • Formal assessments will take place at the end of each unit of study. These will be paper and pencil tests to assess mastery of the material covered within the unit. They will take place every 1-2 weeks dependent on the unit needs and pace of the class.
  • Informal assessments will take place during and sometimes before each unit begins. These may include quizzes, projects, graphic organizers, etc. Their frequency will be determined by the pace of the class.
  • Written work and Class/Homework will be assigned as necessary.
late missing absent work
Late/Missing/Absent Work
  • Any student who has an excused absence from class is required to be given the number of days of their absence to make up any missing work. It is that student’s responsibility to arrange time with me to receive any missing work and schedule a time to receive instruction on any missing assignments.
  • All work assigned will have set due dates which will be announced to the class when the work is assigned. These due dates are necessary to keep the pace of the class and ensure that all material is covered in a timely manner to be prepared for final exams. Any work turned in after the end of the school day on the due date is considered late and will docked 10% from their possible score for tardiness.
  • However, any missing/late work may be turned in late up to 3 weeks after the due date with no further penalty.
starting ending class
Starting/Ending Class
  • Class begins with the ringing of the final bell. Students will be expected to be in their seats by this point. As attendance and opening instruction is given students will have a daily warm-up which they will be expected to be engaged in until tasked with a different activity.
  • Class will end 3 minutes prior to the dismissal bell to allow students to collect materials and complete any work or exit slips.
classroom expectations
Classroom Expectations
  • Students will be expected to follow the OCPS code of conduct at all times, as well as adhere to classroom specific policies regarding dress, talk, food and drink, and electronics.
  • When students arrive in class the ACHIEVE expectations for that day’s lesson will be displayed so that students are aware of what type of activity they will be engaged in as well as the expectations for communication, effort, and achievement for that lesson.
parent guardian acknowledgement
Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement
  • Please acknowledge that you have read and understand this syllabus that has been reviewed with student by emailing me at [email protected] Please include in the email that you have read the syllabus and include your name, your student’s name, and most reliable method of contact (email, phone, postal address).
  • I hope that your student has informed you of these expectations and objectives so that we can all expect a successful school year. Thank you!!

- Mr./Coach Mayer