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Nine Ways 3D Printing is Changing the World

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Nine Ways 3D Printing is Changing the World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3D Spectra Technologies LLP is a best 3d printing services in India. We will provide a 3D printing,3D designing, rapid prototyping, plastic 3D printing services. 3D printing is a changing the word.3D printing is most important in today life. For more details about 3D printing Visit- http://www.3dspectratech.com/

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3d spectra technologies llp


9 Ways 3D Printing is Changing the World

3d printing technology
3D Printing Technology
  • If you're not excited about the revolution that 3D printing is bringing in a technology field, then you're not thinking in a futuristic way, say some technology experts who predicted that the life on earth is going to change with the advent of 3D printing.
  • Today, 3D printing technology is used across all industries including entertainment, art, education, real estate and many more. It serves to a wider audience and is rapidly becoming the most promising technology created by the human species. We're highlighting 9 different ways how 3D printing is changing the world.
lighter and stronger a ircrafts
Lighter and Stronger Aircrafts
  • Some car manufacturing companies are already using 3D printing tools that help in increasing the strength of car parts and is also light in weight.
  • The time won't be too far when airlines will follow the same suit.
  • Building aircrafts through 3D printing will make them light, strong and fuel-efficient.
converting great ideas into reality
Converting Great Ideas Into Reality:
  • With the augment of 3D printing prototyping, it has become easier to design the desired products in the technology field.
  • Rapid prototyping services are in rise helping visionaries to transform ideas into reality within a matter of hours.
  • The prototyping gives more time to get a perfect design before the product goes to the production.
quick design for i deas
Quick Design For Ideas
  • From car models to food and clothing, 3D printing will allow quick designing and modelling.
  • 3D printers do save a lot of time and money, as it is entirely done through software tools and brings out the automated result, helping manufacturers to work within the deadline.
home construction is getting c heaper
Home Construction is Getting Cheaper
  • People are now becoming environmentally conscious and are trying different solutions to reduce carbon footprint.
  • With 3D printing, architects can construct eco-friendly homes. The 3D printer can spray sheets or coats of cement.
  • The recycled construction waste is then used for building walls and other structure.
  • Though the finished home will not have a fancy look, it is certainly cheaper when comparing the construction cost against traditional home.
providing better e ducation
Providing Better Education
  • Educational institutions across the world are now equipped with 3D printing technologies to teach students subjects like science, technology, engineering and maths.
  • 3D printing services provide speedy printers that make subjects more engaging and student friendly.
friendly for prosthetic u sers
Friendly For Prosthetic Users
  • Prosthetic limbs cost a bomb and makes it difficult for the poor to get back their body parts lost in accidents or because of war.
  • Fortunately, 3D printers are now being used for creating low cost artificial limbs.
  • In the near future, it will definitely help in transforming the lives of the handicapped.
printing foods instead of o rdering
Printing Foods Instead of Ordering
  • From candies to pizza, 3D printers can be used for printing food.
  • This is the greatest tech solution, especially for astronauts in space where they don't find food of their desire.
  • 3D printing companies are coming up with a printer that can print chocolates, pizza and other food items in space.
  • However, the option of printing food in space is still under research.
reduction in plastic w aste
Reduction in Plastic Waste
  • Plastics are non-biodegradable and pose a major environmental threat.
  • Fortunately, with plastic 3D printing, one can recycle plastics into filaments, as it uses less energy to convert.
  • One company has also developed a 3D printer that only works with recycled plastics.
visualizing the picture
Visualizing the Picture:
  • Imagine a visually impaired person is given a chance to "see" photographs.
  • High-tech 3D printers can print the 3D version of the photo that can be visualized with a touch. This innovation is a great help for visually impaired people.
  • The 3D printing technology is touching very aspect of human lives. It has given a new dimension to modern lifestyle.
  • The way it is exploring every single area humans are connected to, there is no doubt that 3D printing has changed the world to a great extent.
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