Canterbury tales
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Canterbury Tales. Chaucer. Beginnings The pilgrimage started in April Pilgrims met at the Tabard Inn, Southwark Traveling to visit Thomas a’ Becket. II. Characters A. Knight 1. Distinguished gentleman 2. Followed: a. chivalry b. truth c. honor d. generousness

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Canterbury Tales

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Canterbury tales

Canterbury Tales


Canterbury tales

  • Beginnings

    • The pilgrimage started in April

    • Pilgrims met at the Tabard Inn, Southwark

    • Traveling to visit Thomas a’ Becket

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

A. Knight

1. Distinguished gentleman

2. Followed:

a. chivalry

b. truth

c. honor

d. generousness

e. courtesy

3. Fought battles for faith

4. He was true and gentle

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

B. Squire

1. Son of a knight

2. 20 years old

3. He was a lover

4. He served in Calvary

5. Talents:

a. singinge. draw

b. recite songsf. write

c. joust

d. dance

6. He was courteous

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

C. Yeoman

1. Wore:

a. green coat

b. peacock feathers

c. bow

d. medal of St. Christopher

2. He was like a nut, brown face

3. He was a proper forester

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

D. Prioress

1. Madame Eglantyne

2. Personality:

a. dainty

b. entertaining

c. friendly, but coy

d. sympathetic

3. Beads

a. coralc. Love conquers all

b. gaudy

4. Traveled with

a. Nun

b. three priests

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

E. Monk

1. Hunting was his sport

2. Head of monastery

3. Not old and strict

4. Appearance:

a. wore gray fur

b. gold pin

c. bald

d. greasy face

e. fat/ personable

f. eyes glittered

5. favorite meal- swan

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

F. Friar

1. Personality

a. playful

b. merry

c. beggar

d. confession -hears/grants

e. drunk

f. player

g. courteous

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

2. Talents

a. sang

b. smooth talker

3. Name: Hubert

4. Has a lisp

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

G. Merchant

1. Appearance

a. forking beard

b. multi-colored clothes

c. beaver hat

d. buckled boots

2. Personality

a. opinionated

b. boastful

c. admirable

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

G. Merchant

3. Expert in trading

4. Smart

5. In debt

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

H. Oxford Cleric

1. Student

2. Appearance

a. skinny

b. hard stare

3. Did not sponsor church

4. Spent all friends’ money

5. Preferred books over clothes

6. moralistic

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

I. Sergeant at Law (lawyer/judge)

1. Personality

a. waryb. wise

c. discreetd. busy

e. respectful

2. Appearance

a. homely

b. parti-colored coat

c. girt with striped, silk belt

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

J. Franklin

1. White beard

2. cheerful

3. kind

4. loved cake and wine

5. lived for pleasure

6. always prepared for a party

7. Sheriff (tax collector)

8. Member of Parliament

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

K. Haberdasher, Dyer, Carpenter, Weaver, Carpet Maker

1. Same fraternal order

2. Uniforms- new and clean

3. Carried silver knives

4. Worthy of town council

5. Controlled by their wives

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

L. Cook

1. Talents

a. boiledb. flavor

c. roastd. seethe

e. broilf. fry

g. make soup and pie

2. Had an open sore on his knee

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

M. Skipper

1. From far west

2. Appearance

a. woolen gown

b. dagger on necklace

c. tan

d. bearded

3. Personality

a. excellentb. talented

c. no pity for enemies

d. prudent or practical

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

N. Doctor

1. Talents

a. well spokenb. well educated

c. perfect physician

2. Strict diet

3. Did not read the Bible

4. Loved gold

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

O. Wife of Bath

1. Appearance

a. somewhat deaf

b. red pantyhose

c. Handkerchief on head

d. Soft and new shoes

e. Gap teeth

f. Covered head and face

g. Big hips

h. Heal spurs

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

O. Wife of Bath

2. Married five times

3. Traveler

4. Personality

a. Laugh and chat (funny)

b. Matchmaker (ironic)

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

P. Parson

1. Rich in work (poor)

2. Smart

3. Jobs

a. clerkb. preacher

c. teacher

4. Patient

5. Hated cursing

6. Gave all he had away

7. Despised hypocrisy

8. True Christian

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

Q. Plowman

1. Parson’s brother

2. Jobs

a. carries dungb. tends corn

c. builds ditches

3. Personality

a. hard-workerb. honest

c. lovingd. content

e. put others first

f. loved God above all else

4. helped the poor for free

5. always paid his tithes

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

R. Miller

1. Appearance

a. 224 poundsb. stout

c. broadd. red beard

e. strong

f. hairy red wart on nose

g. wide, black nostrils

h. carried a sword

i. mouth like a furnace

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

R. Miller

2. Wrestler

3. Told vulgar stories

4. stole grain

5. played bag pipes

6. wore a white coat

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

S. Manciple

1. Caterer for the king’s court

2. Personality

a. role model

b. slow

c. well planned

d. illiterate

e. smart

center of attention

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

T. Reave

1. Appearance

a. oldb. thin

c. stubble on face

d. stick legse. blue coat

f. rusty knife

2. Personality

a. easily bargained

b. easily irritated

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

T. Reave

c. precised. trustworthy

e. feared

3. He was rich

4. He was a carpenter

5. Rode a horse named Scott

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

U. Summoner

1. Appearance

a. red faceb. acne

c. narrow eyes

d. scabby eyebrows

e. thin beard

2. Children were afraid of him

3. Loved garlic and onions

4. drunk

5. Good at memorization

6. Noble

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

V. Pardoner

1. Appearance

a. blonde, curly, long hair

b. bald on top (mullet)

c. bulging eyes

d. voice like a goat

e. smooth face

2. A joker and liar

3. Wears Christian relics to make fun

4. Member of clergy

Canterbury tales

II. Characters

W. Host

1. Personality

a. friendlyb. giving

c. boldd. wise

e. tactfulf. happy

g. joker

2. He had bright eyes and wide hips

3. Leader- suggested telling stories

a. two on the way

b. two on the way back

c. best story gets dinner

Canterbury tales

III. The Journey

1. Draw straws to see who goes first

a. Knight

b. Prioress

c. Oxford Cleric

2. Knight tells first story

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