chapter 10
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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10. Cornell Notes. Section 10:1 Death and Dying. Death is a topic that makes us feel uncomfortable. Death is a natural part or life. Children learn about death through the media. Understanding death is greatly influenced by a person’s age.

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chapter 10

Chapter 10

Cornell Notes

section 10 1 death and dying
Section 10:1 Death and Dying
  • Death is a topic that makes us feel uncomfortable.
  • Death is a natural part or life.

From ages two to five children recognize death but do not think it is permanent.

  • They think that death is like sleep.

From ages five to nine children view death as permanent, but not something that could happen to them.

when does death occur
When does death occur?
  • Unreceptive and unresponsive
  • Unresponsive in breathing
  • Lack of reflexes
  • Flat EEG
stages in the acceptance of death
Stages in the Acceptance of Death:
  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

A will is a legal document describing what should be done with a person’s possessions after a person’s death

what kinds of things do people who are dying want to control
What kinds of things do people who are dying want to control?
  • Who their doctor will be
  • Treatments they will accept
  • Who will visit

Hospiceshelp to fill this need. They provide a homelike atmosphere even though the patient is away from home.

the hospice approach has several unique features
The hospice approach has several unique features:
  • Medications are freely issued for pain
  • Family visits freely
  • Family receives counseling

A living will is a document expressing a person’s wish to be allowed to die in case of terminal illness or incurable injury rather than be kept alive by artificial means.

10 2 the grieving process
10.2 The Grieving Process
  • People deal with grief in different ways
ways to deal with your grief
Ways to Deal with Your Grief
  • Speak to someone you can trust
  • Get your feelings out
  • Talk about the future
  • Be honest with yourself
ways to help a grieving person
Ways to Help a Grieving Person
  • Express your sympathy
  • Put the person in touch with others who are grieving
  • Reassure the person that guilt, sadness, despair are normal
  • Listen to, hold and touch the grieving person
additional funeral home options
Additional Funeral Home Options:

Monuments Upright; Flat Bronze; Granite; Marble $800+

Vaults Concrete or metal vault required by the cemetery $795-$7000

Register Book Hard cover $35-$75

Thank You Cards Generic (Qty. 25) $3.50

Location Hold funeral at church, funeral chapel or other indoor sanctuary $395

Visitation Public visitation $295

third party expenses
Third Party Expenses:

Death certificates issued by county $5 each ($10 first copy)

Funeral notice in a daily newspaper $175 est.

Limousine Professional passenger limousine service $120 per hour

Gratuities for cemetery personnel $20

Clergy Fee Depends on circumstances Varies

cemetery charges
Cemetery Charges:

Grave Space        $1000-$2000

Digging Open and close the grave $800-$1500

when shipping deceased
When Shipping Deceased:

Container Shipping container $225

Dry Ice When needed for shipping $50 est.

Airline charge for shipping $235-$500+

Out of town funeral home

and cemetery      Call for Quote