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Oh canada
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Oh Canada!. The Physical Geography of Canada. Vocabulary. Continental Divide –The boundary that separates the rivers flowing towards opposite sides of the continent. Indigenous –Native to the land, the original inhabitants Territory –An area of land, region

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Oh Canada!

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Oh canada

Oh Canada!

The Physical Geography of Canada



  • Continental Divide –The boundary that separates the rivers flowing towards opposite sides of the continent.

  • Indigenous–Native to the land, the original inhabitants

  • Territory–An area of land, region

  • Colonization–The process of establishing a colony.

  • Bilingual–Speaking 2 or more languages.

  • National Identity -Nationalism



  • East of Alaska is the Yukon Territory which contains Mount Logan…Canada’s highest peak.

  • The Canadian Shield is an area of ancient rock. Very rugged so no one lives there.

  • Southeast of the shield is The St. Lawrence Lowlands above the St Lawrence River. ½ of Canada’s people live here. Home to farming and manufacturing…1/3 of the countries crops.

Oh canada

The Great Lakes:

  • 1. Lake Huron

  • 2. Lake Ontario

  • 3. Lake Michigan (US)

  • 4. Lake Erie

  • 5. Lake Superior

    What formed the Great Lakes??? http://www.on.ec.gc.ca/greatlakeskids/GreatLakesMovie5.html

The rivers

The Rivers


  • 1. The Mackenzie –Northern Rockies flowing north into the Arctic Ocean

  • 2. The St. Lawrence –Flows between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean



  • Rain Shadow – an area on the dry, sheltered (leeward) side of a mountain that receives little rain fall.

  • Tundra – Cold dry region in the far north covered with snow over ½ the year

  • Permafrost – Permanently frozen soil.

  • Prairie – Flat rolling land covered with grasses located in areas that have humid climates

  • Province – A political division in Canada…much like the states in the U.S.

Rain shadow

Rain shadow





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What affects climate

What affects climate….

  • Canada climate…well above the 40°latitude line so the climate is COLD!

  • Most of Canada is located in the Arctic Shield.

Oh canada

  • Alluvial – Fertile top soils deposited by rivers after a flood

  • First Nations People – The indigenous people of Canada as they are today.

Natural resources of canada

Natural Resources of Canada

  • Fur and Fishing

  • Forestry

  • Iron Ore from the Canadian Shield

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Zinc

  • Copper

  • Uranium

  • Oil and Natural Gas

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