Immigrants coming to america
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Immigrants: Coming to America. pages 208-235 Vocabulary. im mi grants. immigrants. Many immigrants came from other countries to live in America. The immigrants to North America came from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central and South America.

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Immigrants: Coming to America

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Immigrants: Coming to America

pages 208-235


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im mi grants

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Many immigrants came from other countries to live in America.

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The immigrants to North America came from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central and South America.

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Immigrants are people who come to live in a country in which they were not born.

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ex plor ers

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The explorers traveled to the North Pole to see what they might discover.

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Explorers from many different countries were the next group to come to America. They were looking for riches.

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Explorers are people who go to new places where others have not been.

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set tlers

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The Pilgrims who moved to Jamestown were settlers. They were people who made their home in a new place.

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Its settlers were not hard workers. They refused to raise food, build, or do any other hard work.

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Settlers are people who make a home in a new place.

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col o ny

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The colony of Jamestown, Virginia, was a settlement of people who came from England. The colony was ruled by Great Britain.

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The colony’s leader, Captain John Smith, finally ordered them to “work or starve.“ After that, everyone worked.

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Acolony is a land and people ruled by another country.

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gov ern ment

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The government is a group of people in charge of running the country. In the United States, these people are elected.

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Many people from Cuba came to the United States in the 1960’s. They were not happy with the Cuban government.

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Agovernment is a group of people in charge of ruling or managing a country or nation.

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rev o lu tion

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They started a revolution. They wanted to overthrow one government to start another because the laws were unfair.

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They felt many British laws were unfair. A revolution was coming!

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Arevolution happens when one governmentis overthrown to set up another.

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