Cal and subcomponents status overview
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CAL and SUBCOMPONENTS STATUS OVERVIEW. T. Sch örner-Sadenius Hamburg University, on behalf of the CAL group ZEUS Meeting DESY 28 February – 4 March 2005. Outline. People and manpower situation CAL status: current status and recent problems CAL DQM development since Padova meeting

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T. Schörner-Sadenius

Hamburg University, on behalf of the CAL group

ZEUS Meeting DESY28 February – 4 March 2005


  • People and manpower situation

  • CAL status: current status and recent problems

  • CAL DQM development since Padova meeting

  • Current status of CAL, CFLT(P) and subcomponents(SRTD, SRTDFLT, PRES, F/R PRES, FNC, LED, LASER)

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

Calorimeter Manpower IGeneral, Coordination

Merging of CAL and HES groups slowly progressing

  • CAL DQM shifters now also do HES DQM checks

  • Progress also on organisational matters, but not on expert side.

    Current CAL coordination

  • TSS: general, DQM, students

  • Wladimir Hain (DESY): general, infrastructure

  • Kerstin Borras (DESY): so far HES general and DQM

    Mara Soares joined the CAL team and will take over CAL DQM coordination from TSS

  • TSS  run coordinator from April on.

  • Mara already now is responsible for a number of DQM tasks.

  • Thanks for joining and good luck!

    New permanent DESY physicist to join CAL team within few months.

Request for oneHES post-doc ordedicated studentto backup Kerstin!


TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

Calorimeter Manpower II

DQM CoordinatorThomas Schörner HH

InfrastructureWladimir Hain DESY

NEVIS and FE Electronics: Bill Schmidke Columbia

Hardware Joker: Cathy Farrow Argonne/DESY

LASER: Roberval Walsh McGill

SRTD: Roberval WalshMcGill

LED: Didar Dobur Freiburg

B-PRES: S. Chekanov + H. Lim Argonne/DESY

SRTDFLT: John Loizides (CFLT) Argonne

F/RPRES, FNC, BCAL basesno dedicated manpower!

Michele SumstineWisconsin (-03/2005)Andree Robichaud-V. McGill (-04/2005)

Ying Cui Toronto

Marcos Jimenez Madrid

Avraam KeramidasNIKHEF

Gabriel GrigorescuNIKHEF

Cathy FarrowArgonne/DESY

Changh Yi ZhouMcGill

General REsponsibilities

Thanks to Michele andAndree and welcome toChangh Yi!

DQM Experts

We would appreciate oneor two new CAL students

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

Current CAL Statusas of yesterday noon: v3959

Two holes: B22, tower 4: UNO problems

B12, tower 8: UNO and QINJ

It is reassuring to know that we are stable around 270 bad channels,if freshly calibrated …

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

CAL Problems …… during the past few months – sometimes overlaid

  • Readout failure in december  only cured with help from Antonio P. and Henk B. from Amsterdam after three days of investigation.

  • Disk failure on backup readout computer AJAX and major problems with DQM PCs (not used for online)

  • Timing problems at the CAL-CFLT(P) boundary.

  • BCAL module 16: often many (>30) bad channels, cabling?

  • HV of BCAL module 22 fixed (Wladimir changed HV crate), then module 21 was giving some problems.

  • Os9 hc3control after A. Kotanski’s intervention more or less stable.

Luckily there is always somebody who knows more than I do!Thanks especially to Alessandro and the Nikhef colleagues!

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

CAL Status ctd. …… Computing, spares …

Spare situation:

  • Front-end cards: C. Farrow efficient in repairing old ones – adequate suppluy of spares

  • NEVIS electronics: spares for all modules; format control card exchanged recently (debugging readout problem).

  • Digital cards: a few spares available; have to investigate 40-50 old, taken-out cards and repair if necessary. Also many ADCs around.

  • FCAL EMC PMTs (bases): 19 spares, could become one critical item.

  • BCAL bases: status unclear – my fault!

  • 9 newly repaired digital crate power supplies just came back!

    Computing situation

  • Teucer and Ajax (Solaris stations) running stably; however, old operating system not supported anymore (v2.4?), and recently disk failure on Ajax. But spares around.

  • 2+1 offline/DQM PCs which also gave problems recently but are stable now.

  • Slightly improving backup situation.

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

Bad Channel Historysince Padova week

BC updates

Number of bad channelsis more or less stable with270 or so (after calibration).

1-2 stable holes in BCAL 22and 22.

Some fluctuations inbetween due to localizedproblems, mostly solvedduring access days.


Increase since shutdown

Now stable

Many problems come andgo every now and then;especially in BCAL uncer-tainty of ~100 channels(B16, B29 etc.)

Localizedproblem solvedduring access day.

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

R13 t12 EMC1-

R13 t12 EMC1+

F13 t12 EMC1-

F13 t12 EMC1+

R13 t12 EMC2-

R13 t12 EMC2+

F3 t11 EMC1-

F3 t11 EMC1-

HV Status since last ZEUS weekInfluence of beam injection / dump on HV settings

Small trends of the level of 0.1-1% over half a year visible.

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

Influence of HERA on CALBeam, trigger, HERMES affect kinematic distributions

Sometimes difficult for CAL DQM to judge on data quality.

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

CFLT Status

M.Jaworski, D.Reeder, W.Smith

D.Kcira, A.Savin, L.Li

A.Everett, P.Ryan, M.Rosin,

E.Brownson, T.Danielson

CFLT efficiency

RCAL4 Iso_e: 95-97% instead of 98% not a hardware issue – modify DQM toidentify problem

Hardware status

Bad channels

Detector side:2x2 channels ½ height (cable) no 0’s


Two new Alphas are completely installed

Old online machine ZAXP03 still can be used

2 bad serial cables in BCAL:sometimes no shut for ½ module


Offline and online DQM jobs are running

TEC cards: 16 good, 8 bad

Include FCLR and “location check” in the DQM

TSC spare is o.k.

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

Status of FHES


red/blue:’97 installed modules  possibly tiny water leaks

white:’98 installed modules  no indications for water leaks

green:’01/’03 installed modules  no water leaks

FHES 11:

repaired and re-installed in Dec ’04,

end of Jan’05 one half ski (1/6 module) failed electrically  should be repaired in summer break.

  • FHES 9, 10, 13, 15, 16 :

  • monitored closely,

  • all modules recovered, some half skis have high dark current, but are still biased

  • All modules completely working and read out !

    Plan: take out, repair and re-install FHES modules 9, 10, 11, (not 13!), 15, 16 in the summer break.

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

Ski – Cooling System:

Status of RHES:

  • no major problem, few trips of HC3 power supplies

  • few failures in half modules due to connection on power distribution card

    • check all modules in the summer break.

Status of DAQ:

  • no major problem

  • run control modified, such that an automatic repetition is initiated in case the SETUP runs into a timeout:

    • much better performance, only two drawbacks to be improved.

  • with the present pump-stand it was possible to lower the under-pressure even further:+0.2bar  -0.2bar

    • under-pressure over almost the full module height

  • several problems: air-leaks to be found, air relief device not working, …

  • anti-corrosive solvent added:

    • lots of problems with foam production blocking flow

      After a quite busy time now finally running stable !


  • Summary

  • lots of troubles with the new cooling settings had to be solved

  • all “possibly leaky” modules in FHES recovered and working 

  • only few failures in the electronics in the meantime 

    HES took good data continuously during the past months 

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

SRTD Status (Roberval)

What happened since Padova?

Bad channel history since Padova

Current situation:

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

S. Chekanov, W. Hain, H. Lim, S. Magill

  • Replaced: Fuses, power crates, readout cables, control cards

  • Problem reproducable in test stand with high temperature: serial data get quickly messed up if fans off!

    • Chip that distributes signals on control car

  • Fan problem? Fans with control signals? Aging of control card chips – replace?

  • DQM was moved to AFS

  • Number of bad HV channels as in 8/2004: 14 (of 416)

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

Subcomponents Status I… basically no news!

F/RCAL Presampler (no dedicated manpower):

  • FPRES south: problems in setting HV, no spares

  • FPRES (Wladimir): order of channels wrong in Adamo table? Has anybody ever used this?

  • RPRES okay

  • However, system has no dedicated man power; needs calibration etc.

  • Who is using which part of PRES? Historically only RPRES used?

  • Currently one bad channel.

    FNC (Info from Bill, Wladimir):

  • Test stand working, dubious front-end card needs inspection

  • Some FECs and the delay box need to be checked.

  • Sometimes giving problems in the readout (digital crate) exclude from readout?

    LED for F/RCAL (Freiburg):

  • Not in use currently. Situation rather unclear.

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

Subcomponents Status II… basically no news!

Laser (Roberval Walsh):

  • Not really trusted for calibration/monitoring purposes; however useful for readout debugging in some situations.

  • Currently switched off; some spares should have been replaced ages go. Money? Send to company?

  • Recently problems with LASER test triggers  excluded from test triggers.

    SRTDFLT (John Loizides):

    Situation unchanged; stable.

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents


  • CAL basically running stably with acceptable number of bad channels

    • Status of online and SlowControl systems is satisfactory

    • Calibration procedures are still getting more stable and automatized

  • Some severe problems in the past few months show vulnerability of the system. Sometimes external help necessary!

    • Computing (now maybe better under control)

    • Readout system

  • Manpower situation still satisfactory.

    • We would like 1-2 new CAL students.

    • Looking forward to welcome new DESY scientist in the CAL team.

    • One post-doc / designated student for HES would be appreciated.

    • Some subcomponents uncovered. How much effort can we / do we want to invest for PRES? FNC? LED? LASER?

TSS: CAL and Subcomponents

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