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Wireless communication trends
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Wireless Communication Trends. Mansura Habiba. Overview. Wireless Connectivity: Present Trend NFC : Technical Specification What is NFC? NFC Operation Modes NFC Technologies How NFC works NFC : New opportunities NFC : Benefits and Limitations. Overview.

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Wireless Communication Trends

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Presentation Transcript

Wireless communication trends

Wireless Communication Trends

Mansura Habiba



  • Wireless Connectivity: Present Trend

  • NFC : Technical Specification

    • What is NFC?

    • NFC Operation Modes

    • NFC Technologies

    • How NFC works

  • NFC: New opportunities

  • NFC: Benefits and Limitations



  • iBeacon : Technical Specification

    • What is iBeacon

    • How iBeacon Works

  • iBeacon: New opportunities

  • iBeacon: Benefits and Limitations

  • Comparison of NFC and Smart & Smart-Ready Bluetooth



  • Zigbee: Technical Specification

    • Zigbee: New opportunities

    • Zigbee: Benefits and Limitations

  • Ant+: Technical Specification

    • Ant+: New opportunities

    • Ant+: Benefits and Limitations

  • Comparison of different Wireless Connectivity Protocol

Wireless connectivity p resent trend

Wireless Connectivity: Present Trend

Different wireless connectivity trends

Different Wireless Connectivity Trends

Nfc typical use

NFC: TypicalUse

Nfc typical use cont

NFC: TypicalUse (Cont..)

Beacon t ypical use

Beacon: TypicalUse


Secure Tansaction

Shopping : Payment

Ibeacon typical use

iBeacon: TypicalUse



Car Security

Bluetooth t ypical use

Bluetooth: TypicalUse

Hands free Device

Health Application


Ble typical use

BLE: TypicalUse

Event Trigger

Location Monitor

Zigbee t ypical use

Zigbee: TypicalUse

Ant typical use

ANT+ : TypicalUse

Fitness Application

Fitness Application

Nfc near field communication

NFC: Near Field Communication

What is nfc

What is NFC

  • NFC or Near Field Communication is a short range high frequencywirelesscommunicationtechnology

  • A radio communication is establishedbytouchingtwodevices or keepingthem in a proximity of a few centimeters up to 10 cm

  • Allowscommunicationbetween

    • Twopowered (active) devices

    • Onepoweredandone non selfpowered (passive) device

Nfc operation mode

NFC operation Mode

Peer to Peer

NFC Reader

Card Emulator

Nfc reader

NFC Reader

Nfc new opportunities

NFC: New Opportunities

  • Share ringtone: Recently Fanta has used NFC forsharing ringtones

  • Share promotional commercial

  • NFC enabledVending Machine

Nfc tag provider

NFC Tag Provider


Benefits of nfc

Benefits of NFC

  • NFC is compatible with existing passive RFID infrastructures unlike Bluetooth.

  • NFC is slow, uses less power and less setup time compared to Bluetooth

  • Uses Short range secured channel for communication which prevents hackers from snooping information during data transfer.

Benefits of nfc1

Benefits of NFC

  • Easy to setup andincorporatewith compatible existing systems

    • No special software needed

    • No manual configurationandsettingsneeded

    • No search and pair procedure needed.

Limitations of nfc

Limitations of NFC

  • NFC’s maximum data transfer rate is slower than that of Bluetooth 4.0.

  • Short distance action is a major drawback of NFC

Ibeacon beacon ble

iBeacon/ Beacon / BLE

Ibeacon ios beacon

iBeaCon (iOS + BeaCon)

  • Beacontechintroducedby Apple

  • An extremely accurate locating system

  • Runs on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

  • Push notification system based on location

  • When the device is nearbyanybeacon content, therewillbe a push notification in the device

Ibeacon features

iBeacon Features

  • Included in Bluetooth 4.0+

  • Geo-fence

  • Peer-to-Peer, WPAN

  • Low power consumption

  • Low cost

  • Multi Vendor interoperability

Ibeacon multiple points communication

iBeacon:Multiple points Communication

Some ibeacon examples

Some iBeacon examples

Proximity and microlocation

Proximity and Microlocation

Ibeacon benefits

iBeacon: Benefits

  • Low cost & Low Energy

  • P2P and star network support

  • Wider range than NFC

Ibeacon limitations

iBeacon: Limitations

  • Not approved for secured financial transactions

  • Conflicts with different Beacon points is still not handled

  • Turn location monitoring all the time

  • Requires recharging the active device

  • Practical transfer rate is below 100 kb/s

  • iBeacon needs power source.

Beacon in commercial use

Beacon in Commercial use

  • Paypal Beacon

Zigbee pan mesh network ad hoc digital radio networks

Zigbee: PAN, Mesh Network, Ad-hoc digital radio networks

Zigbee features

Zigbee: Features

  • Low costand Low Energy

  • Meshnetwork PAN

  • Cantransmit data over long range

  • Operates in the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands: 868 MHz in Europe, 915 MHz

Zigbee benefits

Zigbee: Benefits

  • Can not act as bothBeaconand Non-Beacon Mode

  • Remote Sensingand control

Zigbee limitations

Zigbee: Limitations

  • Very low bandwidth

  • Practical range is too low 10-meter range. In comparison the specification is up to 100m

Zigbee new o pportunities


Zigbee home automation

Zigbee: Home Automation

Zigbee vs ble

Zigbee vs. BLE

Zigbee vs ble1

Zigbee vs. BLE

Ant what is ant

  • ANT+ is the wireless technology that allows your monitoring devices to talk to each other. Leading brands design ANT+ into top products to ensure that you get the data you want -  when and where you want it. Fundamentally, ANT+ gives you the simplest, most expandable and most reliable user experience possible.

  • ANT+ stands for interoperability which means that ANT+ products from multiple brands work together. Plus, because devices are compatible, you can always add to or update your monitoring system.

Ant+: What is Ant+

Ant device profile

Ant+: Device Profile

ANT+ devices use the ANT+ network key to access the ANT+ network, and they implement at least one of the ANT+ device profiles.

Comparison of nfc and smart smart ready bluetooth

Comparison of NFC andSmart & Smart-Ready Bluetooth

Wireless communication trends

Learn, create and make it work

Additional slides with information

Additional slides with information

How nfc works

How NFC Works



Reader peak-detects the amplititude modulated

two loop antennas create air-core communication

Receive sufficient energy and starts clocking its data that connected at coils input

Reader continiously generates as RF carrier sine wave at 13,56 MHz

Shunting the coil causes a momentary fluctuation

Nfc overview

NFC: Overview

Features of nfc

Features of NFC

  • NFC is an extention of Radio frequency Identification (RFID) technology that combines the interface of a smartcard and a reader into a single device.

  • It operates within gobal unlicensed radio frequency band of 13,56MHz with a bandwidth of 14KHz.

  • Supported data rates 106,212 and 424 Kbit/s

  • Setup time is < 0,1 sec

  • Able to receive and transmit data at the same time This solves the problem of recovering data corruption during transmission .

Ndef record type technical info

NDEF Record Type technical info

Nfc technology protocols

NFC Technology Protocols

Ibeacon technical background

iBeacon - Technical background

  • iBeacon are tinylowcost, low energy, batteryoperatedwireless transmitter

  • iBeacon broadcast small data packet per second using BLE

  • iBeaconenabled Apps are notifiedwhen the mobile device moves in or out of the range of iBeaconusinggeo-location (micro-location) andcontextualinteraction

  • Proximityto a specificiBeaconcan trigger someappfunctionalitytoperform a specific action on a specific mobile device at an exact specific time and in a specificlocation

  • If Apps canconnectto the Net thisinteractioncanbe taken to next stage

Comparison of different wireless connections

Comparison of Different Wireless Connections

Nfc vs rfid


Bluetooth vs ble

Bluetooth vs. BLE

Nfc vs ble


Nfc vs ibeacon

NFC vs. iBeacon

Nfc vs ibeacon cont

NFC vs. iBeacon (Cont.)

Nfc vs ibeacon cont1

NFC vs. iBeacon (Cont.)

Comparison of nfc and other rfid technologies

Comparison of NFC and other RFID technologies

Zigbee vs ble2

Zigbee vs. BLE

Zigbee vs ble3

Zigbee vs. BLE

Common ant vs ble

Common ANT vs. BLE

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