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English 10. Exam Outline. Materials Covered. PLAY Romeo and Juliet MEDIA Terms Advertisement Analysis Adbusters. MISCELLANEOUS Literary Terms How to Write a Personal Response All supporting material that contributed to your understanding of the course second semester . Format.

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Exam Outline

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English 10

Exam Outline

Materials Covered

  • PLAY

    • Romeo and Juliet


    • Terms

    • Advertisement Analysis

    • Adbusters


    • Literary Terms

    • How to Write a Personal Response

    • All supporting material that contributed to your understanding of the course second semester.


  • The exam is divided into 5 sections

  • Be sure to follow the instructions!

  • Write ALL answers in the Answer booklet provided, not on the Question booklet.

  • You are NOT allowed to ask any questions for the first 30 minutes of the exam.

Section A

  • 30 Multiple Choice

    • 1point each

    • Coversmaterial from Romeo and Juliet

Section B

  • 10 Matching - Quotes

    • 1 point each

    • Covers material Romeo and Juliet

Section C

  • Reading Comprehension

    • 17 points

    • 3 Reading Passages

      • 17Multiple Choice

Section D

  • Personal Response

    • 3 points

    • Write a well-written personal response to one of the given passages.

    • Must be written in complete sentences!

Section E

  • Media Component

    • 20 points

    • AdbusterAnalysis

    • Print Ad Labeling (Slogan, Logo, Copy, Visual) and Explanation

Section F

  • Essay

    • 20 Points

    • Choose 1 out of 4 possible choices

    • Topics will cover Romeo and Juliet

Possible Essay Topics: four out of the following choices will be on Exam

  • Which character is the most to blame for this tragedy? Make sure to use supporting evidence from the text.

  • Does the force of “overwhelming love” purify and mature the protagonists Romeo and Juliet? Support your arguments with specifics from the play.

  • Discuss the three letters in the play. They are: Tybalt’s challenge to Romeo, Friar Laurence’s explanation to Romeo, and Romeo’s letter to his father. Explain their importance to the drama using specific examples from the text to support your thesis.

  • For the play to be successful, do the two protagonists, Romeo and Juliet, have to die? Why? Support your argument with references/examples from the play.

  • To what extent are the parents responsible for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet? Consider the relationship each set of parents had with their offspring. In order to deal thoroughly with this topic, make a careful study of those scenes in which there is a verbal exchange between, or about the parents and children.

  • Which characters show impetuous (impulsive) behaviour? How does their impetuosity relate to the major events of the play? Explain fully using support from the play.

Good Luck Studying!

  • Dictionaries will be available for your use.

  • Bring pencils, a eraser, and a pencil sharpener carried in a CLEAR zip lock baggie.

  • Remember to wear your FULL AGS UNIFORM, or you will not be allowed to write the exam. NO AGS sweaters will be allowed in the classrooms, so wear a long-sleeved undershirt if necessary.

  • Any phones or electronic devices should remain home or in your backpack outside of the classroom. If found on your person, it will be considered a cheating tool.

  • Cheating is unacceptable. Students attempting to do so will obtain a zero on the exam. Studying is a great way to avoid this temptation 

  • See you on Wednesday, June 18th@ 11:00 am in the Gymnasium!

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