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LEAF. What should a Christian marriage be like???. Life-giving Exclusive (no-one else) Always (permanent) Faithful . L E A F. Rites and Symbolism of the Marriage Ceremony. To know why Marriage is a Sacrament To describe & explain the importance of the different parts of the marriage rite

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What should a Christian marriage be like???


Exclusive (no-one else)

Always (permanent)



Rites and Symbolism of the Marriage Ceremony

To know why Marriage is a Sacrament

To describe & explain the importance of the different parts of the marriage rite

To evaluate the conditions needed for a Catholic marriage

What is the Sacrament of Marriage a sign of?

  • That marriage is a vocation (to love as God loves)

  • That the couple receive the Holy Spirit to be with them in a special way

  • **What can make the Sacrament of Marriage invalid?

To be valid, a Christian marriage must…

Write out the correct points.

What 2 things would a marriage preparation course help couples to understand?

**Do you think it it is a good thing for churches to insist that all married couples attend a marriage preparation course?

  • Be in a Church

  • Be approved by the Pope

  • Partners must be freeto marry (not already married, or in Holy Orders)

  • be freely chosen (not for citizenship, or because parents want it, or the bride is pregnant)

be an equal loving relationship & spouses take the vows seriously.

  • Be between two Catholics

be open to the possibility of having children

  • Recognise it to be a sacred & holy union, before God

be between a man and a woman

  • Be between adults known to be fertile

What makes a marriage valid?

1. Match the answers below to your table.Check your answers on p.29. 2. Look up the definition of a “vow” and a “rite” (p.28) Explain the difference.**Think of a way to help you remember the order of marriage. Pictures? Acronym? Mnemonic?

The Marriage Rite/ Ceremony

  • To be valid, a Christian marriage must…

  • both partners are…………. (not already married, or in Holy Orders)

  • choose to marry ………………… (not for citizenship, because parents want it, or the bride is pregnant)

  • are open to the possibility of having …………….

  • have a ………………attitude to marriage as an equal loving relationship & mean to take the………seriously.

  • understand that it is a …………………….. and a …………………, solemn covenant/ agreement.


  • children




freeto marry


Marriage Rite – tell your partner the order**What vows do they make to each other?

  • Wicked Russian Queen Vampires Ride Nightly By Country Roads






Nuptial blessing

Holy Communion

Signing Register

Explain the meaning and importance of marriage in the Roman Catholic Church.

  • 6marks

Candidates may include some of the following points:

  • Sacramental / sign for all to see / a solemn contract /

  • reflection of God’s love for us – Christ’s love for the Church (Ephesians 5 25) /

  • life-giving and fruitful / procreation expected / sexual activity open to thepossibility of new life / children to be brought up in a Christianenvironment /

  • exclusive & faithful/ sexual relationships outsideof marriage are forbidden as they fail to be a sign of the sacrament /lived out in the community /

  • permanent and irrevocable, a life-long, loving relationship / cannotbe broken / rings symbolise never-ending nature /

    reference to parts of the rite of marriage that illustrate its importance should be credited.

  • What promises do the bride and groom make during a Christian marriage service? (Total 4 marks)

  • Explain how keeping these promises might help a couple to have a successful marriage.

  • (Total 4 marks)

  • 8.Why do many Christians want to get married in a church?

  • (Total 2 marks)

  • Christians believe that marriage is a sacrament and should be conducted in a Church. They want God to bless their marriage. They want the priest to witness the exchange of vows; they want God to bless their union and be part of their marriage. Marriage is a sacred public ceremony and therefore it should be performed in a public and holy place.

  • (Do not allow superficial responses that show no Christian content, e.g. ‘It looks nice on the photos!’ You may allow tradition but it must be linked into some other development with clear Christian content. ‘Because it is tradition’ – on its own would score no marks.)

  • [2]

  • 9.What does the Christian Church teach about marriage?(Total 3 marks)

  • Marriage is a gift from God; a means whereby a couple can share in the work of creation by the birth and nurturing of children; it is a sacrament; it should be to the exclusion of all others; it is a permanent bond dissoluble only by death; it is for the mutual care and help of each partner throughout their lives; it is a lifelong commitment based upon the teachings of Jesus.It is the correct relationship for sex. It involves entering into a lifelong, loving and exclusive relationship similar to the relationship that Christ has with his Church, etc.

  • To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part.

  • If these vows are given in full, full marks may be given. Failing that, credit may be given for the following points:

  • To be faithful.

  • To bring children into the world and to give them a secure loving home.

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