Efm phase ii b redesign partial payment logic
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EFM Phase II (B) Redesign Partial Payment Logic PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EFM Phase II (B) Redesign Partial Payment Logic. GSA Training Module. EFM Phase II (B) – Redesign Partial Payment Logic Training Module Overview.

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EFM Phase II (B) Redesign Partial Payment Logic

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EFM Phase II (B) Redesign Partial Payment Logic

GSA Training Module

EFM Phase II (B) – Redesign Partial Payment Logic Training Module Overview

Description: This training module will take you step-by-step through changes made to the Partial Payment Processing Logic in the Regional Business Application (RBA) Integrated Task Order Management System (ITOMS) component.

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EFM Phase II (B) Glossary


  • Provide FSC with the ability to manually distribute payment amounts against the appropriate Bill Types on Partial Payment Invoices.


  • Previously, when processing Partial Payment Invoices, FSC would distribute the full Contractor Invoice Amount across the applicable Bill Types and the system would automatically short pay each Bill Type proportional to that distribution; the system did not allow FSC to decide how the Adjustment would be applied and what the actual Payment Amounts would be per Bill Type.

  • With this enhancement FSC will be able to manually indicate the Payment Amounts per Bill Type, deciding how the Adjustment is applied and which Bill Types are short paid.

Previous Functionality

FSC Previously distributed the full amount of the Contractor Invoice (Certified Invoice + Adjustment) across the applicable Bill Types per Task Item. The system then automatically short paid each Bill type proportionally according to this distribution.

FSC was not able to specify nor view the actual Payment Amounts per Bill Type.

Enhanced Functionality

A new “Contractor Invoice Amount” field has been added to the grid representing the full amount invoiced by the vendor.

FSC now enters the Payment Amounts (Certified Invoice Amounts) for each Bill Type and is able to specify how the invoice is to be short paid per Bill Type, per Task Item.


FSC entered full Contractor Invoice Amount (Certified Invoice + Adjustment) and adjustments were taken automatically.


FSC enters Payment Amount (Certified Invoice), specifying how Bill Types will be short paid.

Contractor Invoice Amount Validation

The system now validates that the sum of the Bill Type Amounts + Adjustment Amount = Contractor Invoice Amount.

Contractor Invoice – Billing Distribution Module

Changes made to the Bill Type Amount fields in the Contractor Invoice Module flow down to the Contractor Invoice – Billing Distribution Module.

The Bill Type Amount fields now represent the Payment Amounts here too.

Existing Partial Payment Invoices

  • Upon deployment of this enhancement, all pre-existing Partial Payment Invoices (Processed and Pending) were updated to reflect the new logic.

    • Values previously entered in the Bill Type Amount fields have been changed to reflect the new meaning of the fields.

Pre-existing Invoice Scenario

Bill Type Amount values were entered representing the full Contractor Invoice Amount (Certified Invoice + Adjustment Amount).

Before Enhancement:

New Bill Type Amount = Old Bill Type Amount-((Old Bill Type Amount/Contractor Invoice Amount)*Adjustment Amount)

Bill Type Amount values have been updated and now represent the Payment Amounts (Certified Invoice Amount).

After Enhancement:

The new values reflect how the system previously short paid the Bill Types – proportionally according to FSC’s distribution of the full Contractor Invoice Amount.

Questions & Support

  • For questions regarding the EFM Phase II (B) training module please contact RBA Technical Support:

    • Phone: (877) 243-2889

    • Email: [email protected]

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