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Company analysis
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COMPANY ANALYSIS. Offset Printing House (OPH) Sdn. Bhd. BA-1201 Accountant in Business. 09b4027 Cheong Choon Ling 09b4049 Wong Chew Yen 09b4050 Chua Yi Shien 09b4055 Lim Ren Wei. Content. Company Profile Company’s position Organisation structure Human Resource Management

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Company analysis


Offset Printing House (OPH) Sdn. Bhd.

BA-1201 Accountant in Business

09b4027 Cheong Choon Ling

09b4049 Wong Chew Yen

09b4050 Chua Yi Shien

09b4055 Lim Ren Wei



  • Company Profile

  • Company’s position

  • Organisation structure

  • Human Resource Management

  • Marketing

  • Accounting

  • Financial statement

  • Monitor & InspectQuality

  • Management style

  • Worst case senario

  • Statistics

  • Questions and Answers Session

Company profile

Company Profile

Offset printing house sdn bhd

Offset Printing House Sdn Bhd

  • Specializes in all forms of printing.

  • Major clients:

    • Amedeo Flights

    • Huszar Brammah

    • Banking industry

    • Government

    • Motoring industry

  • Financial Strength

    • Capital Employed BND25,000.00

    • Assets plus factory BND1,000,000.00

    • Annual Sales averaging BND850,000.00 – BND 1,000,000.00

  • Hotel Industry

  • Embassy

  • Service Industry

Company s position

Company’s position

  • Position 4 or 5 out of one or two dozens of printing services

    • 1st position: Price Bolkiah’s Company, Brunei Press

    • 2nd position: Nyuk Lian Sdn. Bhd.

  • Stand in as ‘veteran’ of their business.

  • Has been erected since 2or3 decades ago

  • Satisfied with the current position



  • Suffered a lot of downs with financial problems.

  • Maintaining was never simple

    • Expenses are extremely high; maintenance of the high-tech machineries, estimate B$700,000

Organization structure

Organization structure

Human resource management

Human Resource Management

Focus on 3 general functions:

  • Recruitment

    • To be able to choose the best fit for the job

    • And to Maintain the recruitment cost within our budget figures.

  • Training and Development

    • To determine the exact needs of the job position of employees

    • To develop most effective training materials

    • To deliver the training materials with the most effective methods

    • To create the most effective impact on the results or behaviour

Human resource management1

Human Resource Management

  • Motivation and Evaluation of Performance

    • Provide incentives - awards, bonus or salary increase.

    • Creating a positive environment

    • Building a solid foundation

    • Honor your promises

      Performance Review Summary Form records employees evaluation in:

    •  accomplishments

    •  service and relationships

    •  dependability

    •  adaptability and flexibility

    •  decision making or problem solving



  • Price maker and price taker

  • For normal and common products

    - price are set at market price sold by other companies.

  • For special items

    - Special prices, prices set by OPH itself. (Job costing)



  • Hardly do any advertising: well-known by many companies.

  • The company has been thought of expand their business to several areas around Brunei but the market in Brunei isn’t that large.

    • Thus, they are having just a single branch in the Berakas Industrial Area.



  • Earlier on of the business

    -Lot of debts, some turned in to bad debts, considered as a loss

  • As business slowly becomes better, sales and profit increased

    -Debts are paid consistently

    -Control of spending

  • Get to understand what kind of debts are good and which are bad.

Financial statement

Financial statement

  • Most feared transaction would be bank loan

    • requires regular installments

    • is agreed for a set period of time.

  • Earlier years of the business, he’s done loans on buildings and machineries

    • uncertain if he is capable to repay the loan

      From then on, he will try not to do big loans anymore unless he is capable of doing.

Monitor and inspect quality

Monitor and Inspect Quality

  • Hardly monitor and inspect on the quality of their services and products, as

    • most of their products are done by automated machines which the quality and quantity are controlled.

Monitor and inspect quality1

Monitor and Inspect Quality

  • high reputation for their products, customers usually are trustworthy towards them.

  • deteriorated products, they can return and exchange for new ones.

    Therefore, service degradation does not really affect the business in the company.

Monitor and inspect quality2

Monitor and Inspect Quality

Management style

Management Style

  • Flat organizing structure

  • Organizational structure where most middle management  levels and their functions

     have been eliminated, thus bringing the top management in direct contact with

    the frontline salespeople, shop floor employees, and customers.

Management style1

Management Style

  • By using this particular type of management style,

    Offset Printing Company is able to response to it customers’ need more effectively and efficiently.

    It will increase customer satisfaction and it will benefit to company’s future sales.

Worst case senario

Worst case senario

Problems: lack of money power; rental

Amedeo bankrupt(70% profits came from them)

  • Sales fell drastically

  • Problem kept on arising

  • Loan amounted $400,000 to build building.

    Survived by winning the fixed income of $40,000 a month from HSBC outsource project.

  • Additional machineries are added; $700,000 5 years fully repay

  • Owed banks $1,300,000 excluding interest payable

  • No salesmen; manager work on himself.

  • Nowadays


    • Extremely satisfaction

      • No future decisions

    • Do not concentrate on going to customers but providing services that other companies do not provide.

    Techniques to problems tackled

    Techniques to problems tackled

    • Searching for consumers is the toughest

      • State of giving up

      • Earn small amount


    • Concentrates on the production of completing finished products.

      • Improving the completed products of other companies.

    • Getting projects/tenders from government.



    New strategy implemented: Concentrates on the production of completing finished products

    • For eg: Red packets.

      • many companies print but no gold stripes design

      • cannot fold without hands

      • OPH bought machines that can complete both.

  • Instead of competing with rivals completing non-finish red packets(for eg)

  • More stable and fixed income.

  • Competitors might become customers instead

  • Statistics


    The number of printing enterprise created in the one year gap is only one enterprise difference. It shows not many entrepreneurs have thought about investing in providing printing services.

    Operating revenue and expenditure has also dropped.

    Not many changes in stock has been made in 2001 compared to year 2000

    We can conclude that the existing printing company are either just earning the fixed income and not pushing on getting more.

    Company analysis

    Number of Enterprises, Employees and Total Compensation by Type of Business Activity, 2000 and 2001, Brunei Darussalam

    According to the statistics above, the total number of employment from 2000 to 2001 has dropped by 20 people while the overall economic activities has risen instead, by 2862 people. This shows that the printing industries are retrenching their business structure. They are trying to redesign the process in order to improve operation. One of the way is to cut the layers of the organization structure. This can be supported by seeing the salaries and wages are increased instead. The workers who are not made redundant will have more work and thus given more monetary reward in return.

    Total operating expenditure by kind of economic activity 2000 and 2001 brunei darussalam

    Total Operating Expenditure by Kind of Economic Activity, 2000 and 2001, Brunei Darussalam

    From the tables, we can see drops on most of the aspects.

    We can conclude that printing companies are trying to reduce expenditures than last year to prevent over spending to reduce losses. We can notice that even the cost of production is reduced. We conclude that they are reducing the number of products produced. Probably, Just In Time strategy is one of many ways to help to reduce unnecessary expenditures.

    Total operating revenue by type of business activity 2000 and 2001 brunei darussalam

    Total Operating Revenue by Type of Business Activity, 2000 and 2001, Brunei Darussalam

    From the statistics above, sales for finished goods and goods for resale fell quite drastically. This show poor income for the printing company. It might due to increased competitors and rivals or poor economic environment nowadays.

    We can see that they are drawing themselves out and staying in the comfort zone by earning the fixed amount of income.

    Opinions and suggestions

    Opinions and suggestions

    • OPH clever techniques to stay alive in this competitive market.

    • We are acknowledged that OPH encountered hardships.

      • Risks are taken thus successful days has been granted back.

      • Meaning: Business is all about taking risks; sometimes risk has to be taken to achieve successful results.

    Opinions and suggestions1

    Opinions and suggestions

    • Bad Debts are ignored.

      • Revenue earned are used to cover the bad debts occured

      • however there are better measures to deal with the amount of money that are not collected.

        • Send a 10 Day Demand Letter

        • Be Proactive

        • Implement a consistent biling and collection process



    • Economic Census contributed by JPKE and BIBD

    • S.Ruben 3 Ways to Reduce Bad Debt and Make Sure Your Customers Pay Retrieved on 1st October 2010

    Questions and answers session


    Offset Printing House (OPH) Sdn. Bhd.

    The end


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