Using you tube in class
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USING YOU TUBE IN CLASS. TONY EMANUEL RENEE AITKEN JOHN MASCAZINE OHIO DOMINICAN UNIVERSITY. You Tube??. A COLLECTION OF VIDEOS Home made School projects Copies of movies, TV shows, etc Professional videos. Using You Tube in An Assignment. Why would you do this?

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You Tube??


    • Home made

    • School projects

    • Copies of movies, TV shows, etc

    • Professional videos

Using You Tube in An Assignment

  • Why would you do this?

    • Students are familiar with it

    • It helps the students connect academic concepts to the real world

  • How Do you do this?

    • Very carefully

Step by Step

  • Research the availability of You Tube videos (yes, you have to go to You Tube yourself)

  • Make the assignment very clear and specific

  • Provide clear directions for submitting the video


  • Topic: Millennials in the workplace

  • Research: find videos

  • Once you know there are videos available, create your assignment

  • In this lesson, we are discussing the changes millennial workers are bringing to organizations. In this assignment, explore the videos available on You Tube and find an appropriate video that expresses some of the key concepts you have been reading in the text.

  • Appropriate You Tube videos will:

    • Contain at least two key concepts from your text

    • Have a credible source: no home videos

    • Avoid inappropriate or sexually explicit content

  • Once you have found a video you like, post the link to the discussion board with a short description of the key concepts and how the video expresses these concepts. This board is monitored, so the class will not be able to view the video until the instructor releases it.

  • Duplicate videos will not be allowed, so avoid the first two videos that pop up. If two of the same videos are submitted, the one posted first will be accepted and the other will be returned for an additional try.

  • Check the discussion board before posting your video to avoid duplicates. The instructor will be reviewing videos and releasing them daily during this assignment.

  • Once the videos are all posted, you will be asked to go back and comment on two of the videos in the class. Your comments should be substantive. Comments like “good job” or “Great video” are not substantive. Only two comments will be allowed per video.

  • This assignment is worth 15 points

    • 5 points for key point description

    • 5 points for creativity in video selection

    • 5 points for comments on two other videos

Instructor Notes

  • Most students have used You Tube, so instructions won’t be needed

  • Be sure to check the discussion board during the assignment at least once a day

  • If your class meets face to face, use some time after the assignment is done to share a few of the videos with the class

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